5 times LSU star Angel Reese lost her calm in the 2023-24 season feat. LSU–South Carolina brawl

5 times LSU star Angel Reese lost her calm in the 2023-24 season feat. LSU–South Carolina brawl

All the five times Angel Reese lost her cool.

LSU Lady Tigers forward Angel Reese is considered one of the faces who uplifted and brought a lot of attention to women’s basketball. Known for her outspoken nature and versatile playing style, the Maryland native has sometimes experienced frustration, which has led to her losing her cool on the court.

Throughout her collegiate career, Reese has come under pressure or faced opposition that caused her to react. Let’s look at the five times Angel Reese could not keep her feelings in check on the court.

1. Angel Reese pulled Kamilla Cardoso’s hair in the LSU-South Carolina clash

Reese was seen making a problematic move during LSU’s 79-72 loss against South Carolina in the SEC championship game at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville.

During the game, Reese and South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso engaged in a fierce battle, often jostling each other under the basket. The LSU star player was seen grabbing Cardoso’s hair after Flau’aje Johnson sank a 3-pointer in the second quarter. The move went unnoticed by the officials and earned no fouls.

2. Reese targeted Caitlin Clark

In last year’s women’s basketball NCAA tournament, the LSU Lady Tigers defeated their rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes, in a thrilling showdown. The game is remembered by every college hoops fan for what happened late in the game between the top players of both teams, Caitlin Clark and Reese.

The LSU forward marked the Tigers’ lead in the fourth quarter, signaling victory by waving her hand in front of her face and tapping her ring finger. This gesture is widely associated with John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” move. She directed the gesture toward Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark.

3. Reese once engaged in trash talk

Along with showing her dismay physically, Reese is known for trash-talking her opponents. As Reese stood at the free-throw line while playing against Tennessee in February 2024, she did not hold back, using her words to assert dominance over her opponent and make a statement to the entire sideline.

4. Waving goodbye to a fouled player

The LSU Tigers went up against Middle Tennessee State on Sunday and emerged as the winners of the clash. It was a tough game for the Tigers to win, and in the fourth quarter of the game, Blue Raiders center Anastasia Boldyreva became the target of contention for Angel.

Boldyreva fouled out during a layup attempt against Angel Reese, which then led to the LSU star waving goodbye and taunting the Blue Raiders player. The taunting was a way to show her pent-up emotion after a difficult game in the first half.

5. Angel Reese took down Haley Frank

In January, the LSU vs. Missouri game took a turn due to an incident involving Angel Reese and Hayley Frank. During the matchup, which LSU clinched 92-72, Reese faced accusations of aggressive behavior towards her opponent.

In the third round of the game, Reese grabbed Frank around the neck, seemingly pulling her to the floor.

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