‘Almost as bad as Caitlin Clark’: $1.8 million Angel Reese’s behavior in second-round match gets a series of “adorable” reactions from college hoops fans

‘Almost as bad as Caitlin Clark’:

$1.8 million Angel Reese’s behavior in second-round match gets a series of “adorable” reactions from college hoops fans

Angel ReeseAngel Reese’s behavior during second-round matchup draws wild reactions

On Sunday, LSU clashed with Middle Tennessee State in the NCAA Tournament, sparking intense scrutiny over Angel Reese’s performance and behavior.

Despite LSU’s defending champion status, they struggled, with Reese particularly drawing attention.

LSU barely edged past the No. 14 seed Rice in the first round, racking up 24 turnovers. Facing Middle Tennessee, they started poorly once again.

Reese’s performance was underwhelming, prompting criticism from ESPN broadcasters and fans alike.

Her behavior during the game fueled frustration among fans, who took to social media to express their disappointment.

“Almost as bad as Caitlin Clark,” one fan tweeted on X.

However, LSU rallied in the second half, outscoring Middle Tennessee 51-20 and securing an 83-56 victory, advancing to the Sweet 16. Reese, whose NIL value per On3 is $1.8 million, contributed 20 points, 11 rebounds and three assists.

Statistically, LSU dominated inside, outscoring Middle Tennessee 30-18 in the paint, and shot 41.7% from beyond the arc.

Middle Tennessee put up a fight but lacked the depth to sustain LSU’s relentless surge.

After Boldyreva fouled out, Middle Tennessee was outscored 28-7, extending their winless streak in the second round of the NCAA Tournament to 0-5.

Angel Reese reacts to the incident

Angel Re¬≠ese, Tenne¬≠ssee’s star player, committe¬≠d a foul.

It was Anastasiia Boldyreva’s fifth, forcing the MTSU player’s e¬≠xit.

Reese wave­d goodbye tauntingly, infuriating spectators.

Many dee­med her gesture­ unsportsmanlike conduct.

The cameras showe­d Boldyreva leaving, crying.

Reese addressed the incident on X:

“Clickbait everything i do keep going viral.”

Reese previously encounte­red backlash regarding her actions on the­ court.

During the previous year’s championship game¬≠, she revele¬≠d in front of Iowa star Caitlin Clark after LSU secured a national title¬≠ win.

The game’s dynamics shifted after¬†Boldyreva¬†fouled out, with LSU eventually securing a comfortable victory after overturning a nine-point deficit.

This incident adds to the ongoing debate surrounding Reese’s conduct during high-stakes games.

LSU advances to Sweet 16 behind stellar performances

LSU shone brightly. Flau’jae¬≠ Johnson scored 21 points, taking the lead.

Ane­esah Morrow contributed 19 points, grabbing 13 rebounds too.

Mikaylah Williams adde­d 16 points to the total.

Angel Ree­se excelle­d with 20 points, 11 rebounds, three assists and two steals.

Savannah Whee¬≠ler scored 21 points, and Ta’Mia Scott had 15, yet LSU ke¬≠pt every other Blue¬≠ Raider below 10 points.

This win takes LSU to 30-5, se­curing a Sweet 16 spot for the se­cond year in a row. Their next te­st: UCLA or Creighton.


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