“Can’t Wait”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Teases Jake Paul & ‘Final Boss’ Alliance Ahead of Fight Against Mike Tyson🔥🥊🔥🥊

One of the hottest matches in the world of boxing in 2024 will be Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul. The bout is set to take place on July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It will be streamed on Netflix and has gained a ton of positive and negative attention in its build-up. However, fresh off the heels of WrestleMania XL, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson‘s new post regarding the match has WWE fans now interested.

The WWE Universe is well-versed about the troubled history between Logan Paul and The Rock. However, it seems like the Final Boss has no problem with Jake.

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Dwayne Johnson expresses interest in the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson match

The hype for the match began in November 2023 when Netflix announced that it would stream Jake Paul’s upcoming boxing match. While no details were given at the time, it was soon revealed that the opponent Paul would be facing was none other than former undisputed Heavyweight World Champion Mike Tyson. This got fans both excited and puzzled about the match. While many argued the match was no good since Paul was in his prime while Tyson was not, others were excited to see the G. O. A. T box again. However, now The Rock has inserted himself into the wagon. Johnson took to social media and posted, “I’m Looking forward to your fight with the GOAT. As we briefly chatted, you wouldn’t want it any other way. I can’t wait to watch.”

 He also mentioned that he met Paul at WrestleMania XL. Paul’s brother Logan was defending his US title against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. It seems like the two really hit it off. However, the same cannot be said about the post.

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Fans were not happy with The Rock posting about the match

While some fans were excited to see Johnson support a rising star like Paul, others were unhappy with the post. The Instagram post’s comment section is filled with negative comments. Some question if The Rock was paid to say this, while others claim he was wasting his time.

While The Rock has taken time off from the WWE to continue his Hollywood filming schedule, fans want to see him return ASAP. Parting from the WWE, he left his story with Cody Rhodes on a cliffhanger, which fans want the answer to. What do you think about the post made by Dwayne Johnson? Tell us in the comments.

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