Lady Gaga breaks silence on death of singer Tony Bennett

 Singer Lady Gaga opened up for the first time about the death of her longtime friend and collaborator Tony Bennett in a touching letter posted on her personal Instagram page.

The Daily Mail published Lady Gaga’s emotional statement on July 30, shortly after Tony Bennett passed away on July 21 at the age of 96. Along with the letter, Lady Gaga shared a photo of the two exchanging a warm hug.

“I will miss him forever – my dear friend. I miss singing with him, recording and talking with him, standing on stage singing together” – Lady Gaga wrote.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

She affirmed that their friendship and confidant relationship is real and not just a social interaction to strengthen each other’s reputation.

“We have the same frequency, the magical power to transport ourselves to another era, to modernize music together, to give our music new life as a duo” – Lady Gaga expressed.

She added that Tony Bennett taught her about music and life in showbiz. He also taught her how to keep her spirits up, her mind clear, always looking forward and filled with gratitude for the audience and for life.

Tony Bennett’s optimism and belief in life and music greatly inspired Lady Gaga. One older and one younger worked together well, creating emotional musical performances.

Lady Gaga listed some of the moments in Tony Bennett’s life in a memorial. She emotionally said that she was sad to lose her soulmate but added that the two had a very long and powerful goodbye.

The two collaborated to release two albums.

Audience response

They also performed together many times.

“He was my friend, a true friend, the age gap was no obstacle to this friendship. Tony’s death from Alzheimer’s was painful but looking at the positive side it was also really beautiful. All I want is for Tony to know that I loved him very much and was grateful to have had a friend like him in my life” – Lady Gaga messaged.

The singer praised Tony Bennett’s strong passion for music and constant dedication despite the many obstacles he encountered from his illness.

She declared that she would never forget the days she shared the stage with him. She called on everyone to never look down on older relatives and friends, and not to abandon them when they are no longer as good as they were when they were young.

“Just keep an eye on them and I promise you’ll learn something special from them. It could be magic! And don’t forget to pay attention to the silence because some of my musical partners say the most meaningful is no melody at all. I love you Tony!” – Lady Gaga sent a message to her fans.

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