Angel Reese vs Caitlin Clark Stats: How’re NCAA’s Arch-rivals Performing This Season?

The NCAA saw one of the biggest rivalries in the 2022-23 season finals, between the LSU Tigers Angel Reese and the Iowa Hawkeyes Caitlin Clark. Although this rivalry was from the start as the duo competed in a run to become the best player in the league, the match’s final moments only fueled this fire. In the final seconds, Reese resorted to the ‘You can’t see me’ stunt in the face of Clark while pointing towards her ring finger.

As the 2023-24 NCAA season kicked off, fans eagerly anticipated a second showdown between Reese and Clark, as nothing keeps the fans on their toes more than two arch-rivals going head-to-head. With almost two months into the seasons, many wanted to know how these stars are performing so far.

Angel Reese started the ongoing NCAA season with a huge upset, as the Tigers lost their first game of the season against a #20 ranked team. Several haters took this loss to criticize Reese and questioned her basketball talent and skills. But being one of the best players in the league, she made a comeback and won back-to-back matches. But in a drastic change of events, Reese was benched in the Tigers’ fourth game against Kent State. However, what followed next, will have a permanent mark on her college career. Reese was absent from straight four games alongside her best friend Kateri Poole without any reason. Coach Kim Mulkey was asked several times in numerous interviews about the reason behind their absence but all she replied with was that it was a ‘Coach’s decision’ and ‘locker-room issues.’

But now she made a comeback and is averaging 18.3 points, 10 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game. The Tigers have played a total of eleven matches so far, out of which they have won ten and lost one.

On the other hand, her rival, Caitlin Clark is having one of the best seasons in her career. Clark and the Hawkeyes have also played a total of eleven matches till now and they have won ten out of them and lost one. The only loss Clark and the team had this season was against Kansas State which also happened to be the worst shooting night of Clark’s career. She is currently averaging 29.5 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 7.4 assists per game, and adding more to her bag of accolades she has also crossed the 3000 career points mark this season.

As the season continues, one thing can be said for sure this season is full of unpredictable twists and turns. Fans will be keeping an eye on these two players, to witness the clash of these titans when they have to lock horns with each other.
Notably, many also want to know who is superior in terms of NIL.

Brand Value and Vying
As per On3 Elite, Clark’s current NIL valuation stands at $783K by deals with companies like State Farm, Nike, Hy-Vee, and many more. She most recently secured a deal with Gatorade, who is also donating $22K to the Caitlin Clark Foundation as part of the deal. “I am fortunate to be part of the first generation of collegiate athletes who are not only able to contribute to the legacy of our colleges and universities, but also start to build something of our own off the court,” Clark said in an interview with ESPN.

Whereas, Reese’s NIL valuation stands at $1.7M, making her the No.1 in women’s college basketball NIL rank. She has secured deals with companies like Bose, PlayStation, Amazon, Reebok, and many more.

As these athletes redefine the game, both in skill and business, fans will be eagerly waiting for them to showcase their exceptional talent in the league of WNBA.

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