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Diana Taurasi in uniform. Caitlin Clark in uniformDiana Taurasi and Caitlin Clark (Photos via Getty Images)
Earlier this year, Diana Taurasi raised eyebrows with her comments about Caitlin Clark’s transition to the WNBA, stating that “reality is coming” for the former Iowa standout.

Taurasi’s comments, which echoed opinions regarding the difficulties rookies encounter in the professional ranks, sparked an outcry among Caitlin Clark’s followers.

“Look, SVP, reality is coming. There’s levels to this thing. That’s just life. We all went through it. You see it on the NBA side, and you’re going to see it on this side. You look superhuman playing against some 18-year-olds, but you’re going to come play with some grown women who have been playing professional basketball for a long time.

Not saying that it’s not going to translate because when you’re great at you do you’re just going to get better, but there is going to be a transition period when you have to give some grace as a rookie. It may take a little bit longer for some people,” Taurasi told Scott Van Pelt on ESPN.

The 2024 WNBA regular season kicks off this week, and those comments from Taurasi are already being proven to be accurate as Clark is going through some growing pains regarding the two preseason games she has played in.

Christie Sides, the coach of the Fever, had the same opinion on Thursday following Clark’s performance of 12 points, eight rebounds, and six assists in an 83-80 exhibition victory over the Atlanta Dream.

“I think she’s used to some shots that she’s taken in the last few years that are just those deep shots,” Sides said. “She’s gonna get open looks. She’s gotta figure out—I gave her a rule the other day. She’s got 0.5 seconds to make a decision.”

Sides added: “When she gets off the ball, and she hits somebody in the high post, she has a habit of hanging out and dancing. That’s what she’s done. It’s these habits that we’ve gotta break.”


As one of the most accomplished women’s basketball players of all time, Taurasi is a living legend. About to begin her 20th professional season, Taurasi—a three-time WNBA champion and the league’s all-time leader in points scored—certainly knows what she’s talking about.

Diana Taurasi And Caitlin Clark Will Face Off Against Each Other Three Times During 2024 Season

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
The WNBA season is here, and the schedule is loaded with intriguing matchups featuring Fever rookie Caitlin Clark and more fresh faces.

Diana Taurasi has been blunt about her expectation that Clark will have a tough time adapting to the WNBA. The 41-year-old Mercury legend argued in March that “reality is coming” for the then-Iowa star.

The WNBA world can view their matchup when the Fever and Mercury face off for the first time on June 30th.

The second matchup will be on July 12th, and the final one will be on August 16th.

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