Angel Reese reveals shocking reason why she chose Reebok over Nike in endorsement deal

Angel Reese was candid about her decision to take Reebok

Angel Reese is gearing up for her first pro season

Angel Reese is gearing up for her first pro seasonLAPRESSE

In a bold move that reverberated throughout the basketball world, former LSU standout and rising WNBA star Angel Reese recently turned down a lucrative endorsement deal from Nike in favor of signing with Reebok.

The decision sparked both praise and criticism, but Reese stands firm in her choice, citing her desire to carve her own path and mold her brand in her own image.

In a candid statement shared on social media, Reese outlined her reasons for choosing Reebok over the industry giant.

She emphasized Reebok’s lack of a prominent female basketball figure, expressing her aspiration to fill that void.

Additionally, Reese highlighted her personal connection with Reebok, citing NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s association with the brand as a factor in her decision.

Furthermore, Reese lauded Reebok’s commitment to allowing her creative input and autonomy, particularly in the development of her own signature shoe line and merchandise bearing her name.

Central to Reese’s decision was her desire to integrate her distinct style and vision into the products representing her brand.

Rejecting the notion of conforming to conventional norms, Reese seeks to imprint her individuality onto every aspect of her merchandise.

Angel Reese is ready to test herslef against the pros

The decision to forgo another year of college eligibility in favor of entering the WNBA draft drew scrutiny from some quarters, but Reese remains steadfast in her belief that her brand transcends collegiate boundaries.

Citing her existing relationships with a diverse array of brands beyond the college sphere, Reese asserts her confidence in her ability to thrive professionally both on and off the court.

While turning down an offer from a corporate behemoth like Nike may seem daunting to many, Reese‘s unwavering confidence in her vision underscores her determination to shape her own destiny.

In a world often dictated by established norms and conventions, Reese’s defiance serves as a testament to the power of individual agency and self-determination in the realm of professional athletics.

As she embarks on her journey with Reebok, Reese stands as a beacon of independence and authenticity in an industry often defined by conformity.

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