“Bryce What the F*ck?” Savannah James Goes Viral for Getting Pranked on Her Podcast

Bryce James pranks Savannah JamesBryce James and Savannah James (Image Source: Getty Images)

Being the wife of LeBron James is no easy task, but when you have kids like Bryce, the task becomes multiplefold difficult.

Savannah James found that out recently when she was tricked by her youngest son, Bryce James, on her podcast “Everybody Crazy.”

On Tuesday during the “What’s Your Crazy” segment of the show, Bryce called his mother pretending to be a 17-year-old teenager from Atlanta whose name was Darrell.

Like the audience who usually tell her about their issues, Bryce did the same and shared his crazy situation.

He complained that his mother doesn’t approve of him cursing and displaying emotions when he plays video games.

To this, Savannah claimed that her children do the same thing, although she has an exception when it comes to playing basketball, where she lets her two boys, Bronny and Bryce, curse.

She further added that she feels the cursing should stay on the basketball court and not extend to their time playing video games.

Then Bryce revealed his true identity and said, “To be honest, Mom, I don’t even think that’s crazy at all.”

When he said that, Savannah was stunned.

On realizing it was her son, she asked, “Wait! Bryce? What the f**k?”

The amusing interaction between the mother-son duo quickly went viral in the social media circle and the fans could not hold themselves back from reacting to it.

Social Media Reacts to Bryce James Prank

After the video was uploaded by “Overtime” on X (formerly Twitter), the fans shared their views. While some found it amusing, others criticized the act. Here’s what the fans commented on the post:

The James family has been spending a lot of time together lately now that they have got a short break from basketball. While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding LeBron James’ future in the league and Bronny’s NBA Draft, the family is relaxed.

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