“Feel sorry for these women”: Fans protest against Caitlin Clark after Teresa Weatherspoon’s speech amid WNBA missteps with Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso. What’s happening???

USA Today via Reuters

The Minnesota Lynx vs Chicago Sky pre-season game on Friday was not available on the WNBA’s app or broadcast across television. This was undoubtedly the biggest issue that Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso’s fans, who could not make it to the arena, had with the game.

However, their former NCAA rival Caitlin Clark’s game became the talk of the town in Arlington. As the WNBA made its apologies and also cleared the confusion with the broadcasting partner from Minnesota, the followers did not want to listen.

Amidst the chaos and the dissatisfaction of the loss, Teresa Weatherspoon broke her silence.

While the respected head coach of the Sky is happy about the league’s growth, she sure had some concerns. One that kept her game from being available to the fans as her rookies made their debuts.

Annie Costabile of the Chicago Sun-Times mentioned in the post-game press conference about the viral fan livestream. She applauded the fact that over 200k people accessed the stream to watch them play.

T-spoon added her thoughts on why the league needs to broadcast every game, including pre-season. Just like they did for Caitlin Clark and Co.

She said, “So many eyes are upon us right now. It’s really good for what you just told us. The eyes were upon us no matter what. That’s huge.

And yes, we would love for us to be on and for everybody to take a look. Especially this team. You have a great group of young women who are exciting to watch play.”

USA Today via Reuters

While the WNBA did apologize and mentioned that not all the preseason games will be part of streams, the fans, including Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner, do not seem to be happy at all.

Undeniably, fans have remained divided for the Bayou Barbie and the 2x Naismith awardee.

Fans diss Caitlin Clark and the league for Angel Reese and the Sky

According to some fans, the WNBA is only trying to build the legacy of Caitlin Clark while snubbing other significant players like Angel Reese.

Consequently, a YouTube user showed their disappointment in the league, saying that they are already making mistakes, especially at a time when the league is experiencing a surging growth. One, that the Chi-Barbie is a huge part of.

“Wnba are messing up already because all they care about is CC and I’m already sick of it!!!!!”

One Sky fan couldn’t help but speak on how much effort the three rookies of Chicago have put to be here today. However, the WNBA does not seem to care if they are not being lifted.

This also brings to mind how Angel Reese was ‘welcomed‘ to the Sky. To date, her appearance in just a hoodie without proper media coverage or celebration for the introductory press conference is a part of the debate.


One basketball follower thrashed the WNBA saying that they only want to grow on the shoulders of Caitlin Clark. Instead, they should broadcast all the games. The YouTube user was also taken aback at the fact that only Indiana’s highlights have surfaced to date. Something that only grows one team and not the league.

“That’s why people don’t watch the WNBA .. don’t even put any highlights .. only Clark .. they. Put on .. a lot of hype in Clark . You want WNBA to grow ! Then they should put all the team”

Joining the rest, one more Angel Reese fan added their voice to the discussion. In fact, they did not shy away and straightforwardly said that they are not fans of the WNBA’s new golden goose. Instead, they would rather love to see the players they love on TV and invest their time and money in them. “The WNBA should have broadcast their game!11 not everyone is a Clark fan!”

Updating on the broadcasts, the WNBA has announced that they will be extensively covering the next pre-season game for Angel Reese and the Sky against New York. Undoubtedly, fans, who enjoyed the game over an X livestream from a follower, will love to watch their college basketball superstars live in action.

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