Kendrick Perkins Got Confused on Why LeBron James Was Wearing a Durag During the Warmup

Kendrick Perkins Got Confused on Why LeBron James Was Wearing a Durag During the WarmupLeBron James (Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images)
Regarding LeBron James’ pregame attire for Saturday’s LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets game, Kendrick Perkins was confused. LeBron James and the Lakers are in Denver to begin their Game 1 of the playoff with the reigning champs.

When James wore a durag, Perkins questioned the crew during ESPN’s pregame broadcast.

When it was worn on the court for the first time in 2000, it was outlawed despite being a popular item in the 1990s.

Even during pregame activities and postgame interviews, players are still permitted to wear them.

“Why is he wearing a durag?” Perkins asked. “Because he means business, Perk,” Malika Andrews replied. Although LeBron James hasn’t worn a durag during a game, he has frequently donned the gear during warm-ups, warm-downs, and even during practices.

Although durags have long been connected to African-American culture, players also use them to protect their hairstyles.

When LeBron James wears a durag during warmups, it’s a huge deal because he doesn’t do it so often these days.

According to Jalen Rose, a former NBA player and current pundit, James wears a durag to protect his unit.

Jalen Rose Explained the Real Reason Behind LeBron James Wearing the Durag

Rose cited the instance in which James’ hairline moved when James had a headband on during a game, as Anthony Davis saw.

He clarified that the device is held in place by the durag.

LeBron James’ receding hairline is well known, and several players and supporters, including Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, have begged him to return home.

It indicates they want him to cut off all his hair and quit resisting entirely.

After Sam Perkins became the first player to wear a durag in a game, the NBA decided to outlaw them during contests.

When Perkins donned a durag during an Indiana Pacers game, David Stern and the league promptly outlawed the item out of concern for player safety.

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