LeBron James doesn’t have the “clutch gene,” Skip Bayless claims in the following wild action

Skip Bayless is forced to say 10 nice things about LeBron James | NBA |  UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless
, a well-known critic of LeBron James, has continued his criticism of the four-time NBA champion following the recent loss against the Denver Nuggets.

He asserted that James doesn’t have the “clutch gene” that other star players in the league have regarding pivotal moments.

LeBron James rallied the Lakers in the game’s final quarter, but it wasn’t enough to stop the veteran TV analyst from coming for his head.

Furthermore, it was only worse after the Lakers had blown away a 20-point advantage, eventually leading to the game’s loss.

Everybody says you bang on LeBron too much, and I’m going to bang on him again because he deserves it this time.

He did some all-time great things in this fourth quarter… And that’s when LeBron had to hit the back-to-back threes. … I’ve said from the start he just doesn’t have the clutch gene. He doesn’t have the closer gene. This is a closers game.

Skip Bayless said via Undisputed

Furthermore, Skip Bayless was referring to the missed three-point shot James could have made to seal the game for the Purple and Gold.

He maintained a consistent performance, although he struggled a bit in the third quarter and came to life in the game’s final quarter.


However, despite all his attempts to ensure that his team doesn’t end up on the losing end again, the fact that he missed that crucial shot is something that would continually be a bone of contention. And for Bayless, more ammunition in his LeBron James attack gun.

LeBron James reacts to his missed open three-point shot against the Denver Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers had blown away a 20-point margin in their recent loss to the Denver Nuggets and could have held on had LeBron James not missed the pivotal three-point shot.

Following that miss, the Nuggets secured the rebound, and Jamal Murray hit the game-winning buzzer-beater shot.



When asked about his thoughts concerning the missed shot, James had a casual take on the situation.

I had a wide-open look, and it rimmed out. It rimmed in, it rimmed out. LeBron James said post-game

Heading back to their home sanctuary, the Lakers know they must win one game on their home turf to force game five at the Nuggets’ Ball Arena.

James also has another opportunity to prove Bayless wrong, and he can come up in clutch moments for his team.

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