Lebron James’ impact on Lakes, Internet crashes after Stephen A Smith announces disastrous verdict

LeBron James’ Demands Turn Vital for Lakers’ $6.4 Billion Status, Claims Stephen A Smith In Damning Verdict

USA Today via Reuters

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a battle to maintain their championship identity.

The franchise features the most title banners, however, is struggling on its path to make the 2023-24 playoffs.

According to Brian Windhorst, the most notable news to their starry ethos was LeBron James‘ reported inclination to end his career in purple and gold.

As Windhorst cites James’ plan to ask for a no-trade clause in an extension, the Insider resonates a possible hesitancy from Lakers GM Rob Pelinka in granting so.

Given that the proposed deal details come around a 3-year contract, Pelinka’s uncertainty could be regarding James’ age.

With that, Stephen A. Smith believes it is the least the Lakers can do for LeBron.

Hilariously mocking, “If LeBron wants a manicure and a pedicure and a massage, you’re going to give him that too,” Smith highlighted James’ unparalleled ability to consistently sell out arenas.

Moreover, he labeled LeBron to be a “revenue generator” lauding the 4-time champion, saying, “Not only that he’s a great player, he’s also box-office.

(albeit with his leaning for Stephen Curry as a bigger on-court superstar).

Additionally, when talking about the matters of the court, Smith believes that LeBron singlehandedly makes the Lakers a championship-contending team; something their second superstar, Anthony Davis, lacks!

USA Today via Reuters

Smith’s comments come through the echoes of Brian Windhorst’s speculations.

Nevertheless, he advises Pelinka to address the pressing issues firsthand as a failure to do so can lead LeBron to bolt the exit door behind him.

LeBron James is currently in the middle of a 2-year- $99 million contract extension.

While he is slated to hit free agency after the culmination of the 2024-25 NBA season, he holds a player option that enables him to switch jerseys.

The deadline for the player option stands till June 6, 2024.What does the reported no-trade clause of LeBron James demands mean?

Much like how it sounds, a no-trade clause means restrictions on a trade.

It is the ability for the players to veto a deal that they don’t find well.

Players can either choose to keep themselves completely out of the trade market or choose to eliminate/include negations with teams of their choice.

For a no-trade clause to be proposed, a player must have at least 4 seasons with the team, 8 seasons of NBA history, and must be a free agent.

James clears the initial requirements and will have to opt out of his current Lakers contract for the latter.

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For LeBron James, a no-trade clause gives him the ultimate control on structuring how the ending years of his NBA career pan out.

Moreover, it could also help him to choose his exit route in case he needs one to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing alongside Bronny.

Interestingly, if James’ path churns out smoothly, he will be the only active NBA player with the rare benefit (previously Bradley Beal, who waived it).

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