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The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama


Since his arrival in San Antonio, Victor Wembanyama has regularly been the subject of statements from former prestigious members of the franchise.

This has again been the case in recent hours with Sean Elliott, who has particularly spoken out… about his indifference.

After four seasons ended without playoffs – a rarity for the franchise, his arrival led to renewed enthusiasm among fans.

Victor Wembanyama indeed brought smiles back to an entire population when he landed at Spurs, where he immediately embodied the face of their project.

Several team icons therefore decided to immediately take him under their wing, including Sean Elliott, here on the left:

Sean Elliott cashes in on Wembanyama’s behind-the-scenes attitude

Nearly 10 months after this meeting, Elliott was invited by HoopsHype to speak about the evolution of Wembanyama. What he did, not without being impressed:

Sean Elliott: To be honest, he amazed me from the first games of the season and he continued to perform signature actions thereafter. (…)

There are so many sequences we could talk about where he shocked everyone.

We could come out of each of his matches with something remarkable. Something never seen before, but something you get used to with him.

Beyond the image sent back by the French prodigy during a match, the 1999 champion especially admires his attitude away from the court, which reminds him of that of Tim Duncan:

Sean Elliott: I don’t think there are really any similarities between them on the field.

On the other hand, when we talk about off-field and their personalities, that’s where we can compare them, given that they are both comfortable in their own skin.

Like Timmy, Victor doesn’t care about the noise around him or what people say about him, which is truly unusual.

These days, many NBA players worry about what is said about them on social media.

Timmy didn’t care and Victor takes the same attitude and just doesn’t care.

They both manage to not let the ambient noise affect them.

Everyone can debate them and say whatever they want about them, these two guys are above it all.

Despite the almost unprecedented enthusiasm that he has generated for months, Victor Wembanyama manages to remain unmoved.

In any case, this is what Sean Elliott says, for whom this particularity would serve as a point in common with Tim Duncan.

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