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Gregg Popovich et Victor Wembanyama

With 71 games on the clock, Victor Wembanyama has finished his rookie campaign at Spurs.

A crazy season during which the Frenchman made significant progress.

And it’s not Gregg Popovich who is going to contradict us on the subject.

No playoffs for the Spurs and Victor Wembanyama, even if the player hopes to experience this feeling next year.

However, the results remain positive for this franchise, which ends this season with victories over the Nuggets and the Pistons, as well as the same number of victories as last year.

Things got off to a bad start in January, but Gregg Popovich and his men made enormous progress.

This is why Wemby and his partners can’t wait to return to the NBA courts next October.

The Spurs hope to move up a few places and why not fight for a play-in place, despite strong competition in the West.

What is certain is that everything is possible with Wembanyama.

Especially since the Frenchman will further improve his abilities during the summer.

Gregg Popovich incenses Victor Wembanyama

Since the start of the season, it is clear that Wemby has progressed a lot in his game.

Whether on or off the floor, the Frenchman is more comfortable and it shows, especially for Popovich.

He has been able to see Victor’s development and he is obviously very happy.

In an interview with journalists, he even compares him to Tim Duncan.

“Popovich explains that Wembanyama developed his game on both ends of the court during the season, that Wembanyama is a competitor and that he was talented, but the priority was to improve his game.

He states that Wembanyama has the IQ of Duncan and that he wants to become the best. »

A big compliment for Wembanyama, who had a crazy season as a rookie.

This statement also reassures fans regarding Popovich’s situation, eager to reunite with Wemby and help him develop his game.

This means that retirement still seems quite far away in Texas.

Gregg Popovich really liked Victor Wembanyama’s season, who continued to progress over the months and with overflowing motivation.

Everything suggests that we will have the pleasure of seeing this duo in action from October.

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