NBA – “He’s right”: After the fiasco, Draymond reveals Steph Curry’s radical punchline

Golden State Warriors NBA stars Draymond Green (left) and Stephen Curry (right)

Declared title candidates at the start of the season, the Warriors ultimately will not even play in the playoffs.

A bitter failure in which Draymond Green bears some responsibility, which according to him did not lead Stephen Curry to criticize him.

Eliminated in the conference semi-finals last year, their reaction was to set up a trade to attract Chris Paul during the summer.

A move accompanied by many uncertainties, but which pushed some observers to make the Warriors a contender for the title this season.

Nine months later, however, it is without them that the playoffs are about to begin, which therefore amounts to a certain bankruptcy.

Steph Curry’s strong opinion on the future of the Warriors

10th at the end of the regular season, Golden State finally saw its 2023-24 campaign end against the Kings during the Play-In Tournament.

An end point which could lead to big changes during the offseason, including a potential departure of Draymond Green .

However, according to the comments made by the latter in his podcast, this would not represent the wishes of Stephen Curry:

Draymond Green: I love Steph because everything he says tends to come true.

In fact, right after the game, in the Kings locker room, I told him, “I love you bro. » He replied, “I love you too, and we’re not done yet.” ” You’re right. I understand, it’s noted.

We’re not done yet, he’s right. So, we can look back with pride on all the great things we have already accomplished, but we are not finished.

Given his numerous bloodshed in recent months, so damaging to his franchise, Green could fear having alienated some of his teammates.

Starting with Curry , leader of the Dubs whose efforts were made in vain by this type of negative soap opera.

It would therefore not be the case according to the interior, which is not necessarily something to rejoice all fans of the Bay:

We will never be finished

Why does he say “we” when he is suspended 50 matches per season?

Despite a certain degree of culpability in the Warriors’ poor season, Draymond Green would therefore still have the support of Steph Curry, who still imagines playing alongside him next year.

It remains to be seen whether their leaders are on the same wavelength.

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