NBA – His future uncertain, Klay Thompson breaks the silence: “To be honest, I really don’t…

Golden State Warriors NBA star Klay Thompson

While his contract with the Warriors will end in a few weeks, Klay Thompson did not really plead his case with his latest outing. In this harsh context, he was clear about his thought process regarding his future.

It finally took one match to roughly summarize his season.

While the Warriors were playing for their place in the playoffs against the Kings on Tuesday, as part of the Play-In Tournament, Klay Thompson once again encountered major difficulties.

Author of zero shooting points (0/10), he therefore contributed to the costly defeat of his team (94-118) and quickly seemed to understand the possible consequences of this umpteenth failure .

Indeed, his status as a future free agent raises questions about his future, he who has not really pushed his leaders to extend him at all costs in recent months. 

Steve Kerr’s recent comments concerning him could therefore have little impact on the final verdict in this matter which risks livening up the offseason.

His will, on the other hand, could tip the scales one way or the other.

Klay Thompson’s surprising admission about his future

It didn’t take long after the end of Golden State’s season to see the Klay Thompson case monopolize attention in the Bay.

League insiders have actually added fuel to the fire with a revelation about the desires of the back, supposedly anything but closed to a departure .

However, it is a much less clear-cut speech that he delivered in recent hours at a press conference:

Klay Thompson: Why don’t any of you want to live in the present?

To be honest, I really haven’t thought about that yet given the concentration that our season required and the matches we were able to play where we had to give everything.

So, I haven’t yet fully looked into the future because I still have to digest the season we just experienced and which was full of ups and downs.

According to the Splash Brother, no decision has been made on his part regarding his future in the NBA.

There is no doubt that the Dubs front office has already thought about the subject at length and taken into account its latest performance.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN , this should not in any case reduce the attention he risks receiving on the market this summer… and which would already be noticeable :

According to sources, there have been no substantial discussions between the franchise and Thompson’s representatives regarding a new contract in months.

Both camps have surely taken note of the four-year, $135 million extension recently signed by Jrue Holiday, who is almost the same age as Thompson.

Regardless, Thompson will generate interest during free agency.

Truth or mere tongue-in-cheek? Klay Thompson affirms in any case that he has not yet thought about his future and the possible end of his adventure with the Warriors.

He now has a few weeks to decide before the opening of free agency.

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