NBA – In the middle of the match, the guilty confession about Nikola Jokic and the Warriors: “I don’t remember…

NBA superstars Nikola Jokic (left) and Stephen Curry (right)
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In the race for a third coronation as MVP, Nikola Jokic has made a habit of shining against the Warriors for several seasons.

Enough to leave a bitter taste in the mouth of former Golden State GM Bob Myers.

When a large number of observers consider you the best player on the planet, it’s usually not by chance.

Nikola Jokic has in any case proven for several years now that he is one of the most formidable stars in the NBA.

The Warriors know something about this, having not won any of their last six confrontations against him. Enough to feed some regrets in the Bay.

Bob Myers’ shameful revelation about Nikola Jokic

At the end of a new dominant regular season which could make him MVP for the third time, Jokic is now trying to help the Nuggets retain their championship title.

This is what he started to do on Saturday by giving his team victory in Game 1 against the Lakers.

A meeting that Bob Myers, the former GM of the Warriors, notably commented on and during which he made an embarrassed admission:

Bob Myers: I’m going to tell you something that’s going to put me in a bad position. I don’t remember having even one discussion about Nikola Jokic (during the 2014 Draft). That’s probably why I’m here, to commentate on a match.

First, it’s worth remembering that Myers was not fired by Golden State but made the decision to leave his position himself last year.

Likewise, in his defense, the Dubs did not have a single draft pick in 2014, not even in the second round.

That said, he and his assistants could have easily set up a trade to get one back if they were really interested in the Joker, then selected in 41st position by Denver.

It is in fact not uncommon to see a team lacking picks offer itself one, sometimes simply in exchange for money.

However, unfortunately for Myers and the Warriors, the Californian front office would not even have mentioned the name of the Serbian big man on the sidelines of the ceremony.

There is no doubt that the latter would have fit perfectly into the collective system advocated by Steve Kerr

. Not to mention the team’s recent size problems, which he could have solved single-handedly at 2m11.

At the time filled in the pivot position with Marreese Speights or Andrew Bogut, the Warriors would not have even mentioned the possibility of drafting Nikola Jokic in 2014. Bob Myers can reassure himself by saying that 28 other teams did the same .

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