NBA – Rumors reignited, Trae Young’s incendiary move that ignites Spurs fans!

NBA stars Trae Young (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)
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Open for weeks, the case linking Trae Young to the Spurs has many twists and turns. And while Shams Charania recently gave him some credit, the star leader made sure to set things alight with a viral post.

It’s not easy not to miss anything in such a lively series where the different speeches are so contradictory.

The rumor sending Trae Young to San Antonio this summer has indeed continued to be denied, then reaffirmed since its first appearance, a few months ago.

This, in particular at the initiative of the player, who always claimed to plan for Atlanta , but to whom he sometimes sends contrary signals.

A new call to the Spurs from Trae Young?

Despite his attachment to the Hawks, Young is nonetheless likely to have to pack up during the offseason.

In the event that its leaders come to put it on the market, the Spurs could then benefit from it, as Shams Charania recently affirmed .

In this context, it only took an Instagram post and two emojis for the star leader to attract the attention of Texans fans:

A “Silver & Black” outfit, two black and white hearts: no more is needed for Spurs Nation to take this post as a message addressed to their franchise.

Note, however, that this photo was taken during a training camp organized by the three-time All-Star, whose participants mainly wore… black and white. Still nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of San Antonio supporters:


Despite other plausible explanations, Spurs fans are convinced that Trae Young has once again flirted with the franchise with a view to a possible reunion this summer. To see if this will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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