NBA – Suggested to the Lakers, Bronny reveals his possible rating in 2K and causes controversy!

NBA superstar LeBron James (left) and his eldest son, Bronny (right)

Possibly in the second round of the next draft, Bronny James remains convinced of being able to establish himself in the NBA. He even suggested his possible note in the next 2K, even if it meant scaring the fans.

Despite some doubts from observers, everything suggests that Bronny James is not going to back down to return to high school. LeBron’s son wants to take the plunge and will therefore be present at the draft in June.

A selection in the first round? Unlikely, especially since the Lakers are interested with their 55th pick, a sign that Bronny should fall quite low.

Bronny James shocks when asking for his rating in 2K

But if the player is available, we very much doubt that James will not be selected by the Lakers. The important thing to note is that Bronny is expected to spend his season in the G-League, he who is far from ready for the NBA.

However, the person concerned does not agree, since he considers that he is worth the rating of 81 in the NBA 2K game. Which is very high for a rookie.

Bronny James says his NBA 2K rating should be 81.

To better understand, Victor Wembanyama had a rating of 84 last year when he arrived in the NBA, which was already a record for a rookie. We are talking here about the best prospects of the vintage, which Bronny is not at this stage. It didn’t take long to get teasing in return.

respectfully it is worth 55

when you know a guy is lying but you listen to him anyway

81 for Bronny James? That’s a lot, especially for a player announced in the second round and far from the best. In any case, he will have a lot to prove, and it starts with the draft in June.

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