NBA – The shaky 6-player trade suggested to the Lakers to recover a star: “Horrible”

NBA stars LeBron James (left) and Paul George (right)

The Lakers will be looking for a way to recruit heavyweights this summer, perhaps with the arrival of a new star. But Bleacher Report’s recent proposal is far from unanimous.

Even if we do not yet know exact targets, the Lakers will take action during the summer.

Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young or other players could interest the franchise, although it is sorely lacking in assets.

That doesn’t mean that the Angelinos can’t try anything, like a proposal made by Bleacher Report on this subject.

A suggested trade to the Lakers is controversial

In a massive trade suggested on their site, it’s Paul George who could land on the other side of town in Los Angeles to help LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But for that, it will be necessary to give up no less than 4 players, some of whom are relatively important. Is it worth it? Let’s say that it risks being controversial, and not just a little.

Bleacher Report’s trade idea. Lakers receive: Paul George, PJ Tucker.

Clippers receive: Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, first round 2024/25.

First major obstacle? Russell is expected to decline his player option and hit the market, making him ineligible for a trade.

For the rest, the Lakers will have to give up a large part of their rotation for Paul George, far from being blameless in the failure of the Clippers this season.

PJ Tucker is no longer very young on his side, which means that the consideration received is questionable. You just have to see the reactions of Internet users.

Horrible trade for the Lakers🤣

it’s too much, it’s not worth it

Paul George to the Lakers? Why not, but we very much doubt that the franchise would want to spend so much on two players, including a veteran. The supporters have already decided on the subject a long time ago.

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