“Not Getting No F**king Statue”: Jeff Teague Sheds Light on LeBron James Getting a Statue in Miami

"Not Getting No F**king Statue": Jeff Teague Sheds Light on LeBron James Getting a Statue in Miami
Credits: Feb 18, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) during the game against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center.

The Heat defeated the Mavericks 117-106. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In the annals of the NBA, the franchises have always honored their greatest contributors by building their statues.

Considering the legacy of LeBron James, the 39-year-old could potentially receive this tribute from each of his three represented franchises.

However, Jeff Teague recently downplayed the notion as he shed light on why the 4x champion should not get a statue in Miami.

In the latest episode of Club 520 Podcast, the former NBA star candidly revealed his thoughts.

Despite the persistence of his co-host, the 35-year-old refused to acknowledge James as a candidate for a statue in the Miami Heat’s Kaseya Center.

He outlined the reasoning behind his stance, stating,

“Bron was there for four years…They were mad Bron left. He is not getting no f***ing statue.”

However, Teague highlighted that the Cleveland Cavaliers should honor the 4x MVP with a statue.

He focused on how the contributions of the Akron-born enriched the organization’s history in the previous decade.

Consequently, the former NBA guard demanded the franchise build a statue for its hometown champion to solidify the latter’s legacy.

This apparently explained the benchmark set by the franchises to judge their iconic figures.

For instance, before honoring James, the Heat would consider the length of his tenure at the organization.

Despite winning two championships and reaching the NBA Finals for four consecutive seasons, his time in Miami faced a bittersweet ending.

As Teague mentioned, the supporters and the management would hesitate to build the King’s statue for precisely this reason.

On the contrary, his time with the Cavs spurred both him and the franchise into iconic status.

During his initial stint, the 20x All-Star made the organization a dominant side in the Eastern Conference.

Interestingly, his second stint exceeded the expectations as James led them to the 2016 championship win against all the odds.

It marked the first and only title for them, adding volume to Teague’s justification.

Does LeBron James deserve a statue at the Los Angeles Lakers?

Following a heartbreaking end to his Cavs career the second time around, James joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 6ft 9″ maestro has since spearheaded the comeback journey of a then-struggling franchise.

Just in his second season with the organization, he led them to a championship win, cementing his place in the Lakers’ history books.

"Not Getting No F**king Statue": Jeff Teague Sheds Light on LeBron James Getting a Statue in MiamiCredits: USA Today Sports

Yet, several believed that James remained far from deserving of a statue in LA.

Gilbert Arenas was one of the most prominent names on that list, as he expressed his beliefs during an episode of Nightcap. 

Shedding light on the high standards of the Lakers, the 3x All-Star expressed how Akron-born’s short-lasting tenue was holding him back.

“Hell no! He don’t have enough accolades in the Lakers uniform…It’s gonna be hard to put him in there with six years, 8000 points, one championship, six All-Stars. That’s not good enough for a statue in Los Angeles,” he mentioned.

These comments paved the way for interesting debates amongst the supporters.

While several believed that each of these three franchises should respect the contributions of James, the former players refused to provide James with the benefit of the doubt.

Hence, the upcoming few years could become defining for the legacy of the King as the NBA community waits for the franchises’ decisions.

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