Olympics – Snubbed by Team USA, Kyrie Irving’s brutal reaction: “I miss the time when we…

Dallas Mavericks NBA superstar Kyrie Irving

Olympic champion in 2016 and author of a huge season in Dallas, Kyrie Irving was not invited to participate in the Paris Games. And according to his reaction to journalists, Uncle Drew is really having trouble digesting the pill…

It took Kyrie Irving a little time to adapt to his new environment, with the Mavericks missing the playoffs last year. 2023-24, however, is a completely different story since the playmaker shone alongside his friend Luka Doncic , even allowing the Texans to qualify directly for the post-season.

With more than 25 points at 49% shooting including 41% from distance, 5 rebounds and more than 5 assists per game, the former Cavs could have made an excellent cog in the armada sent by Team USA to the games Olympics 2024.

Except that Kai was not selected in the final selection, which also sparked quite a controversy . For his part, the player made a particularly honest statement to the journalists.

Kyrie Irving disappointed not to participate in the Paris Olympics

I wish my brothers good luck. I just didn’t fit in with this team.

I think the deliberation process was difficult. But again, I have nothing but respect for these guys…

I grew up in a time where we actually had to try out for the national team.

And we met as a group and as peers and there was a mutual respect that we gained from each other by trying it out and seeing what formations fit together well. I think the timing is a little different.

I miss the days when you could just bring everyone together, break bread and then compete with each other.

And then the deliberation process happens at the end of a four or five day process, even though people know who’s going to be on the team. I missed that fun part of just getting together, but I just wish my brothers luck.

While he tries not to hold grudges against anyone, it’s impossible to miss Uncle Drew’s immense frustration.

He knows what the experience of an Olympic campaign is like and he enjoyed it to the point of wanting to do it again.

And when we see how monstrous he has been this season in the colors of the Mavericks, many people think that he would have totally deserved to be on the trip to France.

Kyrie is right. Because on what planet am I trying to win a gold medal and say, “Yeah, I think I’ll take Tyrese Haliburton over Kyrie Irving and Jalen Brunson.”

Kyrie Irving would have been delighted to play in the 2024 Olympics, unfortunately in vain.

All the more infuriating since according to him, his presence would have been guaranteed if he had been able to prove himself during a training camp as was the case at the start of his career.

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