Stephen A. Smith makes the absurd claim that the Western Conference powerhouse could force the Lakers to draft Bronny James and sign LeBron James

LeBron James Bronny James Stephen A SmithLeBron James, Bronny James, Stephen A Smith (Photos via Getty Images, Stephenasmith/Twitter)
Veteran sports analyst Stephen A. Smith made significant predictions about Bronny James’ NBA career in the most recent episode of his show. He also made assumptions about Lebron James’ willingness to play alongside his kid.

Future NBA candidates are working hard to demonstrate that they are NBA-ready as the 2024 NBA Draft combine gets underway. The son of the greatest basketball player of all time, Lebron James, is one of the more than 70 prospects participating in this year’s draft combine, Bronny James.

Bronny was not able to enjoy an outstanding rookie season at USC due to a concerning cardiac arrest event he had during practice, but he appears to be making up for it at the NBA combine.

The 19-year-old is expected to be selected in the second round, maybe by the Los Angeles Lakers, who have the 55th pick in addition to the 17th overall pick in the first round.

But after Bronny’s impressive performance on his first day at the combine, more teams might become interested in the guard, particularly if LeBron James is still a possibility to accompany him wherever he goes.

Could Bronny & LeBron James End Up In Big D?

The Dallas Mavericks are an early candidate and a Western Conference rival that ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith predicts would set themselves up to get Bronny before Los Angeles can select him:

“But here’s a newsflash, what I’ve also heard. Bronny James may not make it to the Lakers’ second-round pick. Because if a team like the Dallas Mavericks could position themselves to get him in the second round, they’ll take him. Because LeBron said he wants to go where his son goes, and if you’re the Dallas Mavericks and you got Kyrie, and you got Luka, and LeBron James is willing to come to Big D, that might be the first time something is more popular than the Cowboys.”

Although there were rumors last year that the Mavericks were putting up a package for LeBron James when Los Angeles was in free fall, choosing Bronny might not mean that he comes to Dallas at this particular moment.

Rich Paul, the CEO of Klutch Sports, is reportedly saying that contrary to what he previously stated, picking Bronny may no longer guarantee a spot with LeBron. Therefore, it is anticipated that playing with his father will allow the athletic guard to be himself and escape outside pressure wherever Bronny ends up in the draft.

NBA Insider Says LeBron James ‘Is Up To Something’ After Cleveland Visit

LeBron James (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Could LeBron James already be plotting a move away from the Los Angeles Lakers, and could it land him back in Cleveland?

Speculation around a possible return to the Cavaliers was floated after LeBron was spotted courtside and watching Cleveland playing the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst told ESPN Radio about the time LeBron visited the Cavs as a member of the Heat and then signed back with them.

‘I will say this, the first thing I thought of was this moment ten years ago where LeBron showed up to a game in Cleveland while he was a player for the Miami Heat to honor Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ Jersey retirement, his longtime teammate.

‘And he got in a private plane, flew from Chicago over to Cleveland on an off night. Pat Riley was not happy. And a few months later, he signed with the Cavs

‘He’s extremely strategic, and I wish I could tell you I knew exactly what he is doing. I don’t pretend to know, but he’s gotta be up to something.’

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