“Don’t Stay Where You’re Disrespected”: Fans Lash Out at Kim Mulkey and Angel Reese’s LSU As 21 YO Star Enters Transfer Portal

The mystery around Kateri Poole’s sudden exit from LSU is still unsolved. However, the controversies and rumors surrounding the incident are still creating quite a buzz among fans.

While some believe this LSU development was necessary, others lashed out at Kim Mulkey, accusing her of blatant disrespect towards Kateri Poole.

A lot of theories have been revolving around ever since Poole parted ways with LSU.

Anyhow, Mulkey’s statements did provide a slight idea of what really went down.

The fact that Kateri Poole was no longer a part of the Lady Tigers came as a shock to many.

After her unavailability for the game against Kent State was cited as the “coach’s decision,” Mulkey made this revelation after LSU’s fixture against LSU against Texas Southern.

After securing a win over Louisiana, Mulkey said in a press conference, “(Poole’s) no longer with us.” 

However, this statement was not enough for anyone to determine why Poole had to leave after being an essential part of LSU’s national championship-winning team.

Mulkey provided Poole a chance to feature in her starting line-up the previous season.

She played a vital hand in LSU’s Round of 32 win over Michigan. In addition to this, she also buried 7 of 12 beyond-the-arc attempts in the game that followed.

Moreover, she has been a stellar figure in LSU’s defense and took part in 35 games.

“2 Faced Kim Mulkey”: Angel Reese’s Coach Gets in Fans’ Bad Books After Bold Take on Brawl vs South Carolina

Now, as she decides to enter the transfer pool, social media is going at it explicitly. What do they have in mind at the moment? Let’s find out!

Fans go after Kim Mulkey for mistreating Poole

Soon after her announcement, Poole received a wave of support as her supporters applauded her decision.

One X user put forth the alleged disregard the LSU management showed to her. He said, “As they should. Don’t stay where you’re disrespected.”

One user didn’t seem too excited by the development and felt that the truth might never come out.

Moreover, another one of her followers was glad Poole was away from Kim Mulkey’s influence.

He commented, “Smart to get out of @LSU and the KM show…. I understand not wanting to be a part of the KM clown show……” 

Meanwhile, there were also some suggestions on which team she should be a part of now. There was a comment that goes like this, “Give me Poole, Petty and Teonni at Tennessee.”

Further, one of her admirers extended his warm wishes and expressed his sadness about missing her in LSU colors.

He wrote, “Great player and always seemed like a thoughtful person.

Missed watching her play this year. Hope she finds a good home.” 


Without anything conclusive, the questions are still there as to why Kateri Poole is no longer a Lady Tiger.

Nonetheless, she now has an opportunity to showcase her talent somewhere else.

Consequently, fans are hopeful that she will take the court again soon.

What are your views on the subject? Let us know in the comments section.

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