GUNSHOTS AT THE START OF THE NEW YEAR! Angel Reese is furious with Barstool Sports over the double standards applied to Ja Morant and Quinn Ewers. Is there discrimination here? It’s truly unfair as Barstool Sports has treated Angel Reese poorly in the past!

The LSU star is calling out Barstool Sports over the evident double standard

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Amid Ja Morant’s controversial celebration in which he appears to be shooting an imaginary gun, Texas Longhorns’ Quinn Ewers did the exact same celebration in college football. Ewers did this during the Sugar Bowl against the Washington Huskies and people like LSU’s Angel Reese or Antonio Brown are not happy with the evident double standard from Barstool Sports. The media outlet that broke the industry after their appeared with their unapollogetic style of reporting seem to have celebrated Ewers’ celebration too. They posted Ja Morant’s reaction, which was celebratory as well. But Angel Reese is not happy about this due to the treatment she has received in the past by Barstool Sports.

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Ja Morant screams his message to the haters after buzzer beater

Is there a double standard based on race from Barstool Sports?

For context, Barstool Sports wrote “Ja spraying imaginary bullets into section 113 after the slam.” When he celebrated in this fashion against the New Orleans Pelicans a couple of weeks back. Quinn Ewers did the same celebration and the Barstool Sports’ account wrote: “Quinn Ewers is having fun.” Which rubbed Angel Reese and Antonio Brown the wrong way. Morant simply responded to the tweet with a crying face emoji while Reese said she has seen this before as she posted the tweet reaction to both celebrations. But Antonio Brown wasn’t as ellegant with his reaction, he wrote: “Crackerism.”

So yeah, this controversy definitely has a racism connotation written all over it and sports fans will be debating for days to come. Barstool Sports have been trolled before for their controntational style of reporting. Also, there are past controversies against the company that have documented racist comments from CEO and founder Dave Portnoy when the Colin Keapernick story was prominent.

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