“Warriors, Come Out to Play!”: Rockets’ Tari Eason ‘Taunting’ Stephen Curry and Co. Draws Hilarious Reactions From NBA Twitter

“Warriors, Come Out to Play!”: Rockets’ Tari Eason ‘Taunting’ Stephen Curry and Co. Draws Hilarious Reactions From NBA Twitter

The Houston Rockets just pulled off an upset, defeating the number one seed in the Western Conference, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Rockets, who are in 10th place in the West dealt with a significant injury to their leading scorer and were still able to beat the top team in the West. This victory marks the 10th straight win for the Rockets.

Hyped up for the upcoming postseason, Houston’s Tari Eason provokes Dub Nation ahead of their matchup in a few days.

The Houston Rockets pulled off an impressive 132-126 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. With no Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and limited minutes played by Chet Holmgren, the Rockets made the most of a short-handed OKC squad.

Having defeated the number one team in their conference, the Rockets soared high as they looked to make a push in their conference standings.

And only a game behind the Golden State Warriors, Tari Eason decided to put the scare into Dub Nation.

Shortly after Houston’s win over Oklahoma, Tari Eason went on to Instagram to share a story, mocking, taunting, and provoking the Warriors in a playful manner of sorts.

Or it could just be Eason announcing that the Rockets are on their way to dethrone them from the ninth spot.

Eason can be heard shouting, “Warriors, come out to play.” He captioned the video, “I know they not liking this.”

Tari Eason might’ve been trying to imitate the classic dialogue from the 1979 movie, The Warriors. The dialogue from the movie was aimed at being terrifying and frightening, given the context of the scene.

But Tari Eason’s version caused more laughter than raising hairs.

Whether Tari Eason was able to put the scare into Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors is not confirmed but his antics on social media sure drew some hilarious reactions from fans on X.

Fans react to Tari taunting Stephen Curry and Co.

Houston Rockets forward Tari Eason may have just been playing around on social media but he also knew what was at stake.

This will be the third and final meeting between the Rockets and the Golden State Warriors.

Having lost their previous two matchups of the season, the Rockets will look to get their lick back by defeating Dub Nation at least once out of the three meetings.

And given the momentum the Rockets have been riding lately, they might just end up bulldozing GSW.

Coming back to Tari Eason’s Instagram story. It would’ve been unfair and unjust not to highlight some of the best reactions from fans on X reacting to Eason’s shenanigans.

One fan on X tweeted, “Warriors should be shaking in their boots rn.”

While another fan commented, “If the rockets wins it’s gonna be the best thing ever for Tari. If the rockets lose tho… Tari gonna get all the smoke.”

Here are a few more reactions from fans on X.

The Houston Rockets will play the Golden State Warriors in the first week of April. But will Tari Eason and the Rockets be able to defeat Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors squad? Tune in to find out.

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