Did Ryan Garcia Get Called Out by Female Boxing World Champion Claressa Shields?

Claressa Shields and Ryan Garcia

Claressa Shields and Ryan Garcia (Image Credit Getty Image)

American professional boxer and mixed martial artist Claressa Shields, a multiple-time world champion in three weight classes for women’s boxing, has stirred controversy on social media by announcing her intention to step into the ring with Ryan Garcia. Shields, a female boxing champion, has called out Ryan Garcia, igniting a potentially contentious situation.

Female Boxing Champion Claressa Shields Challenges Ryan Garcia

The situation began when Shields expressed his opinion on a sensitive issue after Gervonta Davis defended Ryan Garcia, who had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). It seems that Garcia’s persuasive communication during the ongoing argument provoked.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist challenged him. Shields directly addressed Garcia, urging him to face the consequences if he believed she should date someone accused of domestic violence, as she found his suggestion ridiculous.

Many commenters expressed skepticism and criticism of Claressa Shields’ game plan in response to her post. One user brought up a previous incident where a male boxer reportedly knocked Shields down, suggesting that if that boxer almost defeated her with protective gear, Ryan Garcia would do even better without such restrictions.

Claressa Shields had previously expressed surprise and disappointment at Ryan Garcia’s alleged use of banned substances. However, when it was revealed that he tested negative for 19-norandrosterone, Gervonta Davis took the opportunity to mock Shields.

Davis claimed that Ryan had defeated Shields’ friend somewhat and questioned what she had to say about it. He also made derogatory remarks about Shields’ appearance and mentioned that she had blocked him on social media. The outcome of the fight between Claressa Shields and Ryan Garcia remains uncertain, and only time will reveal what will happen.

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