DIZZY: Jake Paul shows off brutal ’10 percent’ punching power before Mike Tyson fight. Will Mike Tyson be defeated?

Jake Paul gave fans a preview of his punching power ahead of his mega-fight against Mike Tyson, flooring Adin Ross with a brutal shot to the midsection during a live stream

Jake Paul took a shot at streamer Adin Ross which left him on his knees

Jake Paul took a shot at streamer Adin Ross which left him on his knees (Image: Twitter/X)

Jake Paul showed off his powerful punch when he sent social media sensation Adin Ross to his knees during a live stream.

Paul claimed he was showing off just “10 percent” of his strength as he took a shot at Ross’s midsection. He left the streamer gasping and claiming “I can’t breathe” as he dropped to his hands and knees to recover.

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on this display. Some thought it was proof of Paul’s expertise in the ring, one comment reading: “I can respect Jake as a boxer now anyone else that doesn’t does not understand the sport,” Others weren’t as impressed, with one person saying, “Any amateur boxer can do this to Adin.”

Paul has been training hard for his upcoming bout with boxing legend Mike Tyson at the AT&T Stadium in Texas on July 20th. Despite having nine wins and only one loss in his boxing career, many of his fights have been against UFC fighters or lesser-known boxers.

The fight is hugely anticipated, even if some folks are criticizing the age difference – Jake is 27, Tyson is 57. Tyson hasn’t stepped into the ring for three years and is clearly past his prime.

But Adin Ross believes differently after experiencing Jake’s punch. He expects viewers will be glued to their screens for the fight which Netflix will be streaming.

“Guys, Jake is getting a lot of hate for this, and I think it’s really funny because not a lot of people can have an opportunity to fight Mike Tyson,” Ross said during a live stream.

“And you guys cannot tell me you’re all not watching this. So, you guys can say what you want about Jake. My brother Jake is a f****** real fighter and he’s going against one of the hardest-hitting people of all time, and we’re all going to tune in to watch.”

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul facing off
Jake Paul is returning to the boxing ring against Mike Tyson ( Image: Netflix)

“Guys, I get it, he’s 60 years old. I understand. But guys, guess what when Mike Tyson knocked the f*** out of … 99% of this chat in f****** one-hit if you guys got in the ring with him. Yes, okay, I get it he’s 60. But he can still hit like Mike Tyson.”

Tyson proved that he hasn’t missed a step, sharing video of himself hitting a heavy punching bag during a photoshoot on March 10. The fearsome boxer, who earned the nickname “Iron Mike” in his heyday, is known for his rigorous training sessions and exhausting workouts.

It appears as though Tyson will get his own chance to try and drop Ross in leadup to July 20. “I’m going to push to get Mike Tyson on stream within the next couple of months, chat,” Ross said. “I’d love to get Mike on stream and I’d like Mike to hit me.”

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