(VIDEO) Steve Harvey Biological Kids Comes Out To Expose Marjorie Hidden Affairs Behind Steve’s Back

Steve Harvey Biological Kids Comes Out To Expose Marjorie Hidden Affairs Behind Steve’s Back

Steve Harvey’s biological kids have stepped into the spotlight, unveiling secrets and alleged affairs, all supposedly orchestrated by none other than Steve’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, behind his back.

This isn’t just celebrity gossip; it’s a story that’s redefining trust, love, and the limits of loyalty in the world of showbiz. Make sure to watch this video until the end so you won’t miss out!

Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie speak out amid cheating rumors

The couple, who have been married since 2007, were the subject of infidelity rumors over the weekend.

Steve Harvey wants everyone to know that there is no feud in his family.

While appearing at Invest Fest 2023 in Atlanta on Sunday, the comedian kicked off his set by not-so-subtly addressing rumors about trouble in his marriage.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey

“Before I get started, just let me say I’m fine,” Harvey told the crowd with a knowing tone. “Marjorie’s fine. I don’t know what y’all doing but find something else to do because we’re fine. Lord have mercy.”

As the crowd cheered and laughed in response, Harvey added, “Sometimes you wanna respond… But I ain’t got no time for rumors and gossip.”

Last week, unsubstantiated reports emerged that Marjorie Harvey, his wife of 16 years, was seeking a divorce after being caught in an extramarital affair. The story quickly picked up steam on social media and began circulating as a meme.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey. GREGG DEGUIRE/WIREIMAGE

Taking a similar approach to her husband, Marjorie addressed the rumors without specifically naming them. On Sunday night, she posted a screenshot of an article titled “How to Handle Being Lied About” on Instagram.

“My husband and I don’t usually stop to address all the foolishness and lies that have been spread about us,” she captioned the photo. “However to whom much is given much is required. I understand that with my platform comes some sort of responsibility to those that may not be as strong as we are. Read and share this with your loved ones that may not know how to properly cope. God Bless all of you.”


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