Inside Jake Paul’s $16M mansion with two pools, recording studio, gym and eight bedrooms

Jake Paul shows off $16 million house

Jake Paul shows off $16 million house (Image:


Jake Paul returned to YouTube with a tour of his new $16 million mansion, which he reportedly purchased from former MLB All-star and St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina

YouTube sensation turned professional boxer Jake Paul has just shown off his home in Dorado, Puerto Rico, valued at $16million.

According to Forbes, the 26-year-old CEO and founder at TeamDom and Co-Founder at Betr have acquired a net worth of nearly $40m through earnings from boxing, social media, acting, producing, and directing. Paul recently splurged on the eight-bedroom mansion in Puerto Rico, which he reportedly purchased from former MLB All-star and St Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina.

Paul provided a tour of his new home through his YouTube channel, which has over 20.3 million subscribers. He also declared that he would return to creating more content every Wednesday, providing timely updates for fans who wish to get a detailed glimpse into the social media star’s viral life.

In the video, Paul featured many luxury items, including three Bugatti scooters valued at $3,600. The 12,000 square feet of land showcased 12 bathrooms, a fully equipped fitness center, elevators, indoor and outdoor showers, a six-car garage, swimming pools, and outdoor seating for BBQs and sporting event viewing.

Jake Paul shows off the guest house on his property
Jake Paul shows off the guest house on his property

Jake Paul's mansion has an indoor soccer pitch
Jake Paul’s mansion has an indoor soccer pitch
TMZ reported the purchase of the house newly dubbed the “Taj MaPaul” in June this year. The home was initially valued for sale at $20m, but Paul negotiated a deal with Molina to lower the selling price to $16m.

Paul followed up the showcase of his home by revealing a $4m space owned by Paul and his brother Logan, referred to as “The Paul Brothers Fantasy Factory.”

Also, in Puerto Rico, the area features spaces for the brothers to film social media content and a fully operational boxing facility so that they can train for upcoming fights at home.

Jake Paul enjoys the view of his new home.
Jake Paul enjoys the view of his new home. ( Image:

Overview of Jake Paul's $16 million mansion
Overview of Jake Paul’s $16 million mansion ( Image: warehouse also features an authentic WWE practice ring, where Logan can prepare for any appearances on WWE television as an official superstar of the company. There is also a combat sports training area where the brothers can work on their wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills.

Jake Paul moved to Puerto Rico from Los Angeles, California, in early 2021 for various reasons. In an interview with the Sun, Paul stated: “Puerto Rico is an amazing place for that. I love it down here. The runs are amazing on the beach; this is a magical paradise of a place to get your mind right and to just focus on the task ahead.”

His brother Logan stated that the move was due to rising costs of taxes in California, the rising rate of homelessness in the area, and to usher in a new chapter of his life.


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