REAL PAUL-ACHE Jake Paul reveals awkward reason why he can’t copy Mike Tyson’s sex ban before fighting boxing legend

American infamously used the bedroom accident as an excuse for losing


JAKE PAUL revealed the awkward reason why he cannot copy Mike Tyson’s sex ban before their fight.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer and heavyweight icon are to collide in a controversial clash on July 20 in Texas.

Jake Paul with girlfriend Jutta Leerdam

Jake Paul with girlfriend Jutta LeerdamCredit: @jakepaul

Mike Tyson is refraining from sex before fighting Jake Paul

Mike Tyson is refraining from sex before fighting Jake PaulCredit: Getty

And Tyson admitted to giving up weed and sex in the build up to help install discipline ahead of his shock comeback.

It would follow the old boxing myth that avoiding sex helps performance by building up testosterone.

And Paul said on his podcast: “Yeah, he’s going to be like really angry and on edge. That’s pretty scary.

“Wow, he’s going to be like a caged animal just p****d the f*** off.”

Paul, 27, himself used the abstinence method during training until running into bedroom problems.

He revealed: “If I didn’t have sex for like… if I restrain myself for like two weeks I start having wet dreams because my body’s like, ‘Get this out!’

“It’s not weird, it just means that I’m normal.”

Paul, who is with speedskater Jutta Leerdam, revealed the nearest to a fight he has had sex is four days, adding: “That’s like a good amount.”

Mike Tyson’s controversial comeback

Mike Tyson is BACK!

Yes, boxing’s youngest heavyweight champ of all time – just 20 when he achieved the feat – is preparing to lace them up again.

He faces YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on July 20 in Texas.

The controversial clash – set for the 80,000-seat AT&T Stadium in Dallas – has been scrutinised over the 30-year age gap.

Tyson will be 58 by the time the fight for the ages comes around and nearly 20 years removed from his last professional contest.

He was last seen in the ring in November 2020 for an exhibition with fellow legend Roy Jones Jr, which ended a draw after eight rounds.

Paul is meanwhile 9-1 in the ring, losing only to Tommy Fury in 2023, and has won three times since.

His fight with Tyson will also be a landmark first on Netflix, with over 250MILLION subscribers able to watch the bout.

The American infamously blamed a wet dream on impacting his performance over Tommy Fury, which stands as his only boxing loss.

He was beaten via split-decision in Saudi Arabia by Fury, 25, and made the excuse just days after his only defeat in now ten bouts.

Paul said: “I f***ed myself – literally – over.

I don’t actually even remember the dream. I literally woke up in a panic, like, ‘f***, f***, f***, f*** I was like, ‘Oh my god.’

“You have two weeks of testosterone built up and so the reason a wet dream happens is because your body needs to release that energy, it knows in your mind, ‘This is not good’. I f***ed myself.

“But yeah it makes your legs weak. For the viewers, that’s why it’s bad, it makes your legs weak.”

Paul has returned with three wins since losing to Fury meanwhile Tyson was last in the ring for a 2020 exhibition with Roy Jones Jr.

But the boxing icon – who will be 58 by the time of the bout – prepares for his first pro contest in almost 20 YEARS.

His fight with Paul is to be officially sanctioned but with revised two minutes rounds, eight of, with bigger 14oz gloves opposed to 10oz.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson facing off

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson facing offCredit: @jakepaul

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