AMOR DRAMA! Watch the moment Love Island’s Casey finally names villa rival – weeks after All Star revealed secret feud

LOVE Island’s Casey O’Gorman has finally confirmed who his villa rival is.

The 28-year-old, who took part in the All Stars spin-off earlier this year, confessed that he didn’t “see eye to eye” with Toby Aromolaran.

Casey O'Gorman has revealed which Islander he didn't get on with

Casey O’Gorman has revealed which Islander he didn’t get on withCredit: Rex

Toby took part in All Stars with Casey this year

Toby took part in All Stars with Casey this yearCredit: Rex

Casey made the comments on the Not My Bagg podcast

Casey made the comments on the Not My Bagg podcastCredit: YouTube/@notmybagg
During his recent appearance on the Not My Bagg podcast with Callum Jones, they were asked who they “couldn’t stand” in the villa.

Casey said: “I didn’t see eye to eye with Toby.

He added: “He was probably my least close boy.”

The hunk didn’t elaborate much more on why during the episode.

It comes just weeks after their secret feud was exposed when the footballer took a swipe at Casey.

Toby and co-star Chris Taylor spoke about the moment everyone picked Chris and Joanna Chimonides for the majority of the answers during the Couple Goals game.

Recalling what he discussed with his partner Georgia Steel, Toby said on his Fancy A Chat podcast: “Look, I love everyone… not everyone.

“But love people around this fire pit, we have to play this game properly. We can’t cop out.

“Then it got to like the most one-sided couple and I was thinking and looking around… Chris and Joanna.”

This left many people wondering who he meant when he said “not everyone”.

Some Love Island fans took to Reddit to discuss – and Casey’s name came up.

One fan pointed out on Reddit: “who do we think is the not everyone?! if i had to guess, i would think maybe casey. i feel like the only boys casey truly got along with were tom, callum, and josh. he seems like the kind of guy who just cannot fake his feelings, either in friendships or romantically.”

Another replied: “Sorry just to add to this, I think it really might be Casey because at times Casey seemed hostile towards Toby. Like all during PDA night or any other time Toby kinda stood up for GS when she was catching heat, Casey was always seen making faces/comments or nudging Tom/Callum.”

“Casey for sure,” a third chimed in.

Casey failed to find love on All Stars

Casey failed to find love on All StarsCredit: Rex
A fourth wrote: “I think it’s Casey as well.”

Casey failed to find love on the show, but Toby left the villa hand in hand with Georgia Steel.

However the pair split shortly after returning to the UK.

Casey gave his opinion on their break-up after the news broke.

He told us: “I’m not sure if I saw it lasting, in the villa it’s just so different and I guess they did it before on The Games and that didn’t work out and they’ve given it another go and that’s not worked out.

“I think you’re sceptical of everyone when you come out – because everyone seems so strong in there and as soon as you get out, they’re gone, people split up very quickly.

“I don’t really know Toby and Georgia that well, I wasn’t very close to them in the villa. So I don’t know how strong they were as a couple.”

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