At Wembley, Robbie Williams and Taylor Swift’s “Angels” performance is electric.

Taylor Swift and Robbie Williams Electrify Wembley Stadium

A Stellar Collaboration

Taylor Swift, known for her dynamic stadium performances, took her live show to new heights with a surprise collaboration with pop icon Robbie Williams. The duo performed Williams’ hit “Angels” at Swift’s Wembley Stadium concert, creating an unforgettable moment for fans.

Captivating Performance

Swift opened the song with a powerful rendition on the piano, showcasing her rarely heard lower vocal range. The audience’s excitement reached a fever pitch when Williams emerged on stage, seamlessly joining in to complete the verse. Their performance, which has amassed 1.7 million views on YouTube, can be watched in the video below.

A Dream Come True for Swift

Swift’s joy was palpable as she witnessed the crowd’s enthusiastic response to Williams’ appearance. The collaboration took place during the second show of her Reputation tour at Wembley Stadium, with Williams proudly donning a Taylor Swift Reputation tour t-shirt.

Williams Shines on Stage

While Swift is renowned for her captivating stage presence, she graciously stepped back to let Williams shine during the first part of the song. The seasoned performer proved he still has the golden voice, delivering a flawless lead vocal that mirrored the original studio version.

Experience the magic of Taylor Swift and Robbie Williams’ duet on “Angels” at Wembley Stadium. Watch the video below to relive this electrifying performance.

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