BETTY BLUES This Morning star breaks down in tears as he reveals heartbreaking loss

His latest patient had a special connection to him.

THIS Morning star Scott Miller found himself getting emotional in a heartbreaking video commemorating a lost loved one.

The Aussie vet, who regularly appears on the ITV daytime show, shared he had found himself crying while editing his latest YouTube video.

Dr Scott tried to laugh off his tears after getting emotional over his beloved pet

Dr Scott tried to laugh off his tears after getting emotional over his beloved pet

Betty died at the age of 15

Betty died at the age of 15
Posting on Instagram, dad-of-four Scott, 48, admitted the new vet case hit closer to home than expected as it reminded him of his beloved dog, Betty.

Betty, a 15-year-old terrier, died back in 2020 after spending her life as a companion to Dr Scott.

In the video, Scott, sitting on his home staircase, looked red-eyed and puffy after clearly crying, explaining what had happened.

“Hope you’re having a really lovely Easter. I have just watched the most recent video that we will be posting on Rescue Vet,” he said.

“It’s about a dog called Betty who, as you may remember. some of you, from watching Vet On The Hill, that my dog was called Betty. Sadly I lost her a couple of years ago, and we’ve kind of touched on that in this latest episode and it’s made me cry,” he noted.

“So for all of you that are missing a dog in your life that you’ve loved very much and you’ve lost then my heart’s with you.”

“I’m sorry if this video makes you cry. You probably will,” he continued. “But yeah, just just let me know how you’re feeling, and just know that we’re in this together.”

He later continued in the caption: “Losing a beloved animal friend can be very hard. Like any member of the family, the loss can never be truly overcome, instead replaced by gratitude for being given the great privilege of having their love and light in your life.

“Betty was my heart dog and I still think of her every day. Some will say she was ‘just a dog’ but for those of us who appreciate the joys of canine companions (or all animals for that matter) know that they will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

“So sorry,” wrote one fan. “I lost my baby nearly a year ago! She was just the best. So much more than a dog! She was my family . Forever in our hearts.”

“Never just a dog, unless you have one you’ll never understand the joy and unconditional love they bring,” they added.

“It’s the hardest thing to lose a dog you love and you have to go through it many times in your life,” said a third. “But they are worth the heartache.”

The beloved pup's death left Dr Scott heartbroken

The beloved pup’s death left Dr Scott heartbrokenCredit: Rex

Fans flocked to send their love to the pup-loving vet

Fans flocked to send their love to the pup-loving vetCredit: Rex

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