Channel 4 Gogglebox fans fear the worst as family missing for second week in a row

Gogglebox viewers have been left wondering if two cast members from the Channel 4 show will no longer appear following their apparent absences in the latest two episodes

Gogglebox viewers have questioned whether two cast members have left the show, having noticing that the pair have been absent for two consecutive episodes now.

The Channel 4 show returned on Friday night for its latest episode. Various participants were seen reacting to recent broadcasts, including a scene from the grand final of the BBC ‘s Gladiators reboot, which had aired last weekend.

Cast members Elaine and Seb didn’t appear to be in the episode though. The mother and son – who made their debut on the show just last year – are understood to have been absence from the latest two episodes. The pair, from the Forest of Dean, are believed to have been last seen in the episode of Gogglebox that aired on March 22.

Their apparent absence comes amid the introduction of newest Gogglebox cast members Teresa and Anita. The married couple made their debut on the episode that aired last week and appeared in the most recent episode too.

Some viewers have noted the apparent absence of Elaine and her son Seb in posts on social media this week. There has been speculation that they may no longer be on the show as well as that the pair could be away on holiday.

One viewer wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, this week: “Have Seb and Elaine been quietly replaced?” Someone however responded to them: “Perhaps they’re on holiday??” They weren’t alone in wondering about the pair.

Gogglebox cast members Elaine and Seb in a scene from the show following their introduction on the Channel 4 show last year

Gogglebox cast members Elaine and Seb were introduced on the Channel 4 show last year.

Another person suggested: “Ok Elaine & Seb have definitely been replaced by Teresa & Anita. 2 Weeks on the trot they haven’t been on. What is going on? Have they actually left the show?” A fan replied: “I loved Elaine. Please be wrong.”

Also reacting to the latest episode of the long-running show, another viewer tweeted on Friday evening about the pair’s apparent absence: “Unless I blinked & missed them, Elaine & Seb weren’t on for the 2nd week running!”

Elaine and Seb were met with praise following their debut on Gogglebox. One person later wrote: “[They] are growing on me.” Someone else described them as “hilarious”. Not everyone has been impressed though, with some critics having described them as “boring” and “annoying”.

Last month, Gogglebox viewers were thrilled by the return of the Malone family following their own absence from the show. Fans had noticed that Tom Malone Snr, Julie Malone and their son Shaun Malone hadn’t been in some episodes.

Gogglebox fans 'loving' new Forest of Dean stars - Gloucestershire Live

One fan wrote at the time: “Anyone know what’s happened to the Malones? Never the same without them.” Another said: “Where’s the Malones? They weren’t on last week’s episode either.” A third asked: “Where are the Malones?”

It’s believed that the family were on holiday during their absence from the show, with them having taken a trip to Florida around the same time. They returned to the show last month, much to the excitement of fans.

Gogglebox continues on Channel 4 next Friday (April 12) from 9pm. Previous episodes of the new series are available through on demand services.

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