COLLEGE BASKETBALL SHOCK: Reese faces HEAVY PENALTY for unacceptable actions. Angel Reese ‘strangled’ Hayley Frank, grabbing Frank’s neck and collarbone before pulling her to the court floor once again.(VIDEO)

Angel Reese 'throttles' Hayley Frank in controversial decision in LSU win

Angel Reese made the news once again in the Louisiana State University Tigers‘ latest victory over the Missouri Tigers as she was seen intentionally fouling Hayley Frank.

In the latest game of their NCAA season, an SEC opener, Reese‘s team emerged 92-72 winners thanks to a particularly dominant third quarter that saw them collect 15 points of their 20-point winning margin.

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But the contest was overshadowed by Reese‘s foul on Frank at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, her latest controversy after she was suspended in the latter part of 2023 and previously attracted criticism for her attitude to an opponent in a 2022 championship game.

The moment happened with approximately 01:20 left on the clock in the first quarter as the Missouri players headed back to their own basket to defend after scoring, but Reese collided with Frank. Initially, it was thought to be unintentional but reviewed footage suggests it was the polar opposite.

Reese appears to beeline towards Frank, running straight into her, making the Missouri player hit the court floor so hard that she had to withdraw from the game briefly for medical attention due to a laceration on her chin.

Not Reese’s last flashpoint

It was not Reese‘s last flashpoint, and once again, Frank was targeted in what seemed to be quite personal between the pair for reasons unknown.

The second instance happened in the third quarter when LSU scored to extend their lead to 11 points. As Mikaylah Williams took her shot, Reese hooked Frank around the neck and collarbone and dragged her to the court floor once again.

This time she was flagged for an intentional foul, but LSU’s head coach, Kim Mulkey, disagreed with the decision and accused Frank of diving by shouting, “Flop,” at her.

At the end of it all, LSU won their 14th game of the 2023/24 NCAA season from 15 attempts, losing in the season opener. Their next game will be against the Ole Miss Rebels so we will remain to see whether Reese is involved in the news once again.

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