EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle ‘in panic’ over new TV documentary over ‘criticism’ fears, claims royal expert

Meghan Markle is in a panic over the new documentary about her life, which she fears will be critical, a royal expert has claimed.

The upcoming documentary from German royal commentator Ulrike Grunewal focuses on the former Suits star’s past, as well as her relationship with Prince Harry. It’s reported the Duchess of Sussex is becoming fearful of what could be laid bare in the programme.

While Meghan has had no direct involvement with the TV show, which will air on Germany’s ZDF network, royal expert and author Tom Quinn tells the Mirror that the 42-year-old will be worried about what will emerge in the upcoming documentary.

Meghan Markle at a polo tournament this month
Meghan is said to be worried about an upcoming documentary 
“Meghan is in panic mode about the new documentary being made by a German journalist. She will assume that unless she is invited to take part and, better still, to have a final say over what is included in the program it is likely to be critical.

“Meghan can’t see that she should adopt the old royal motto – never explain, never complain,” he explained. “Meghan’s obsession with ‘my truth’ means she just can’t do this. But if she reacts to any criticism in the programme – and there is definitely going to be some criticism – it will just draw more fire.”

He claimed Meghan was a “massive control freak” and would see any criticism as “unfair”. Tom added: “Having a hissy fit every time she is criticised makes Meghan seem petulant and immature.” Meghan and Harry have tried to take ownership of how they are presented in the media, and despite their best efforts, their public image is still at an all-time low.

“One of Harry‘s most profound complaints has always been his inability to control what was said and written about him. When he met Meghan, he believed she could get a grip on the world in a way he could never manage – she had the determination to take critics by the scruff of the neck and give them a good shake,” Tom continued, as he claimed Meghan’s “confidence in her own abilities has always been reassuring for a boy with no real confidence of his own.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan’s early life, as well as her relationship with Harry, will be focused on 
2022 Getty Images)
He believes the couple will be most worried about how their charitable efforts will be criticised in the documentary, as well as their penchant for a luxury lifestyle since relocating to Monteciot, California. Tom also noted that the couple’s recent private trip to Nigeria, where they promoted the Invictus Games, could also be put under the spotlight.

“Even more worrying for Meghan and Harry is the certain knowledge that they will be criticised for Harry’s insistence that the UK is ‘too dangerous’ to visit with his wife and children unless the UK taxpayer pays for their security.

The documentary makers will be asking: how is it Harry and Meghan can’t risk a visit to the UK, but were able to visit Nigeria, a country that Meghan’s own government in the United States has designated as too dangerous for American citizens?” he fired.

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