HIGH PRICE Double bankrupt Katie Price insists she’s turning DOWN work and reveals bizarre method that’ll turn her into billionaire

DOUBLE bankrupt Katie Price has revealed she’s so busy that she’s turning down work – as she manifests becoming a billionaire.

The reality TV star opened up about her finances in a new interview after being declared bankrupt again this year.

Katie Price has revealed she's so busy she's turning down work and she doesn't 'come cheap'

Katie Price has revealed she’s so busy she’s turning down work and she doesn’t ‘come cheap’

She is currently on her podcast tour


She is currently on her podcast tourCredit: Instagram
Katie, 46, said she won’t work ‘for cheap’ as she teased her upcoming projects and business venture.

When asked when she had made the most money over her career spanning three decades, the star, who entered modelling aged 17, replied: “I think it’s starting to be good again now, with the opportunities.

“The only thing I don’t do anymore is the magazine shoots, they just don’t pay enough anymore.

“Other than that, my book deal, it’s good. I don’t do anything cheap because once word gets around they want you cheap.

“I’m not a billionaire, I wish, I manifest for that.

“Really, I’m not a flash person. Lawyers and divorces have taken my money.”

The mum climbed to the top of the fame ladder back in 1996 when she changed her name to Jordan.

She was first declared bankrupt in 2019 when she suffered a breakdown.

Katie told the Stripping Off with Matt Haycox podcast that she makes cash through modelling and presenting.

She said she hoped to release new merchandise and a swimwear line in the future.

She continued: “I’m flying, I’m turning work down. I’m doing two shows for Channel 4 at the moment.

“I’m doing loads of podcasts, I do the podcast with my sister, we’ve got a tour in May. I’m touring all through summer. Doing live shows. My book comes out in July. July 18th. I’ve got promo for that.

“I do my OnlyFans, I love doing it. That’s the Jordan stuff. I don’t get my nipples out. I love being in front of the camera. I’m a show off. Anyone can do it.

“Girls and guys smash OnlyFans, people thing it’s porn, it is not. I love it, is good for my head, because it’s all I used to know.

“I’m doing Gay Prides, doing half hour singing sets. And I’m starting my YouTube channel again because I left that. It’s hard to build subscribers. I want to do reality on that again.”

She went on: “I am bringing my format back, perfume, bikinis, my underwear I’m bringing it all back. But it’s taken a few years to get to this point because mentally I wasn’t strong enough.”

Katie said she has saved money in recent years by cutting back on her outgoings.

She added: “I don’t have an entourage, I don’t have a manager anymore …

“I just keep a close group around me. I’ve got a PA, and a housekeeper.

“Now I’m able to go to work, come back and enjoy stuff with my kids.”

Katie has plans to release new merchandise and a bikini line

Katie has plans to release new merchandise and a bikini lineCredit: Instagram

Katie pirctured on the red carpet earlier this year

Katie pirctured on the red carpet earlier this yearCredit: PA

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