Hot news: After being attacked by fans for his poor performance, Angel Reese gets cocky about her future: ‘Regardless, I’m going to be able to make money’

The LSU forward has 17 sponsorships with all types of brands.

Angel Reese's NIL is $1.8 million according to

Angel Reese’s NIL is $1.8 million according to

Angel Reese is one of the most talented players in the NCAA and one of the most popular as well. The LSU Tigers forward is very aware that these two factors generate her brand’s value, and that is why she is in no hurry to take the step to professionalism.

According to, a portal specialized in tracking the brand value of collegiate athletes, Reese’s name, image, and likeness (NIL) is worth $1.8 million. This figure is the eighth highest overall and the second highest in women’s basketball, only behind Caitlin Clark.

Reese’s natural talent constantly attracts all kinds of brands seeking to shelter under her name. Among her major contracts are sponsorships from McDonald’s, Xfinity, Wingstop, and Jansport.

That is why, when asked if she plans to try her luck in the next WNBA Draft, the Tigers forward gets somewhat arrogant and responds that she doesn’t need to do it.

Contracts will follow Angel wherever she goes

Reese is in her fourth year of eligibility. That’s usually the end of the road for college athletes; however, all those who participated in the 2020-2021 season, shortened due to the pandemic, received the opportunity for a fifth year in collegiate sports.

Clark and some other players decided to forgo that opportunity and make the leap to professionalism. Reese, on the other hand, is taking his time to make her decision. In a recent press conference, she explained, “For me, I’ve honestly learned that regardless, I’m going to be able to make money staying or leaving.”

She said that she now understands that “my brand has been built, where I know that more than being in college is something I can do. The deals are going to follow me if I leave or stay.”

The “Bayou Barbie” brand

Although she recently failed to register her nickname, “Bayou Barbie,” as her own brand due to a conflict with toy maker Mattel, the player continues to land contracts with major sponsors.

Just in October, Reese signed a contract with Reebok, and in April 2023, she received a Mercedes-Benz as a gift from the famous car manufacturer. Additionally, her social media following is growing like wildfire, attracting even more sponsorships and allowing her to monetize her brand even more.

“I’ve built that relationship with a lot of these brands. I don’t just have brands that are in college, I have brands that are long-term deals that are just past college, and I think that’s the difference,” she explained about the reason for postponing until the last minute her decision whether or not to enter the 2024WNBADraft.

Seeing all she has accomplished and her prospects, it is possible to grant that Reese’s arrogance is not at all out of place.

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