ITV Coronation Street CONFIRMS identity of Bernie’s SECRET son – and he’s LINKED to Lauren

Coronation Street has confirmed the identity of Bernie Winter’s secret son, and he already shares a link to the cobbles.

It’s been revealed that actor Jacob Roberts has joined the show as Kit, his actual name being Christopher Green, and he is Bernie’s long-lost son who was adopted almost 30 years ago. But Kit is also linked to another resident on the show, with it confirmed he is tied into the storyline about missing Lauren Bolton.

Back to Bernie, and fans recently learned she had a secret son that no one knew about. After she confided in Dev Alahan about her child in the latest episode, she set out to find him and tracked down a number of men called Christopher Green.


One of those men were Kit, and Bernie was forced to confess all about her search and how she’d hoped she’d finally found her son who she named Zodiac. But she was heartbroken when he lashed out at her and claimed she had got the wrong person, denying he was her son.

Coronation Street has confirmed the identity of Bernie Winter's secret son

Coronation Street has confirmed the identity of Bernie Winter’s secret son ( 




It’s now been confirmed that Kit Green, as he goes by, is a detective who is brought to Weatherfield by DS Swain, amid her investigating the murder of missing teen Lauren. She wants his help with the case, with Kit set to be caught up in the plot.


Speaking about joining the show, actor Jacob said: “It’s absolutely amazing to be joining the cast of Coronation Street. When I walked on set for the first time it felt a bit overwhelming because the attention to detail is just incredible, it actually makes you feel that you are on a real street.



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“My mum and dad are really chuffed too which is lovely. My mum has always watched Coronation Street, I’ve always kept up to date with it too, so it just feels surreal to be here. Meeting all of the cast and crew was great, I really do feel at home here.

“I’m looking forward to everyone meeting Kit but I do think he is going to be a very misunderstood character at first. He’s been really hurt throughout his life and although he has a good heart, he has some deep rooted resentment with his biological mum, Bernie, which will be really interesting to play out.”

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