KATE’S BRAINCHILD Princess Kate’s hard work behind the scenes to be revealed today in important announcement

PRINCESS Kate’s project which she hails her “life’s work” will today make an important announcement.

The royal, 42, launched the  Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021.

Princess Kate hailed the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood her 'life's work'

Princess Kate hailed the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood her ‘life’s work’Credit: The Mega Agency
She has been pouring her time and effort into it ever since.

It was revealed in March that the princess had been “working from home” on the project while she was undergoing treatment for cancer.

In November last year, she beamed as she made her biggest speech yet as she announced her “vision for the future”.

Kate has hailed her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, which is aimed at raising the profile of the early years development of children, as her “life’s work”.

Today its findings on society and businesses working together to change the way childhood is viewed and prioritised will be published.

The charity recently funded a trial of a baby observation tool.

And Kate had naturally been highly invested in the four-month trial – even while she’s been on the mend.

Kensington Palace told the Telegraph in March: “The princess has been kept updated throughout the process.”

The tool focused on a baby’s social behaviours such as eye contact and facial expression to help practitioners and families better understand the ways babies express their feelings.

The results of the trial came out in March, revealing “overwhelmingly positive” results.

Kate’s love for the charity was something Prince William made a touching remark about in recent weeks.

Wills beamed as he met locals working in – and impacted by – homelessness in Sheffield.

There, someone touched on the topic of childhood, to which Wills instantly smiled, before referring to the success of his wife’s projects.

The heir said his wife should have been there at his side, after her years committed to Early Years projects.

Holding his palms out and grinning, Wills said: “We’re venturing into my wife’s territory. She needs to be sat here to hear this.”

When Kate launched the project in 2021 she said she wanted to create a “happier society”.

She said she wanted early child development to be treated as “the social equivalent to climate change”.

In November Kate talked about recent findings from the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

The princess set out her “vision for the future of her work”, which was dubbed a “huge moment”.

Speaking to the crowds, Kate said: “The future for our children is something we all build together; through the actions each of us takes every day.

“It is therefore time we understood that building a healthier world means nurturing the foundations that support our children – everything from the systems that govern early care through to our attitudes to those raising the next generation, and the support they receive.

“Because if we can create a society which sees the child within every adult – and the adult within every child – we will finally start to change it for the better.”

Kate said also her son Prince Louis, five, had taken part in a study at Lambrook School to help with the campaign.

She told telly star Fearne Cotton: “Louis class, they came back with a feelings wheel, it’s really good, they to the classroom, these are five or six-year-olds, and going with names or pictures of a colour that represents how they feel that day.

“There is a real keenness in school particularly to get involved in conversations, it’s actually helping continuity across the board and then how does that feed into you, with your mental health, its same conversation, so to be able to find a bit of framework, to talk about this, is very important.”

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