Primary School Music Teacher Mike Woodhams’ RIDICULOUS BGT Audition

When primary school music teacher Mike Woodhams auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent 2024, he radiated the lovable aura of a child entertainer, a pro-in-the-making fueled by a love for sharing his excitement for music. But when he opened his mouth to sing, not one of the judges could have predicted how ridiculously amazing his act was about to be.

Mike isn’t just a singer — he’s a music impressionist, impersonating singers from Boyzone to Anastacia with an eccentric, campy twist. When the music video for James Blunt’s 2004 hit, “You’re Beautiful,” began on the screens behind him, the panel of star judges emanated confusion. But when Mike sang in perfect time with the silent video, making Blunt lip-sync to Mike’s own voice, his insane illusion of sound sent the audience into hysterics.

Mike’s “Stars In Their Eyes” style of humour came padded with trademark mannerisms and props plucked from each medleyed music video that played out behind him, from flower bouquets to sunglasses which matched those immortalised in each hit song.

Judge Bruno Tonioli called it “the best vocal impressions I’ve heard in a very, very long time,” praising Mike’s vocal range and shock factor, while Alesha Dixon picked up on Mike covering female impersonations as perfectly as he did male vocalists.

Simon Cowell was just as shocked and smitten, laughing throughout the set before giving Mike two thumbs up and commenting, “I’m so surprised, because you really undersold yourself […] You’re the kind of act I really believe could win this whole show.”

Mike exited his audition with four out of four Yes votes and an entire audience on his side — praising his humble talent and earning his audition over 1M YouTube views in just over two weeks!

Born and raised in Milton Keynes, Mike Woodhams is a 37-year-old music teacher and vocal coach for Year 3 to Year 6 students, teaching recorder, ukulele, singing and more. While working across the St Albans area, Mike also picked up an MA in vocals at The Voice Study Centre in Colchester. But despite his professional spin, Mike’s fans praise his natural gift as a family entertainer, inviting a colourful twist of fun and joy back into music while sharing his talents educating the next generation of pop stars.

Mike’s audition was variety show gold and, judging by the heaps of international attention his audition has amassed in so short a time, this guy is bound to continue breaking all expectations in the live shows!

If you are captivated by the intriguing talent of Mike Woodhams, ensure you don’t miss any of his mind-boggling performances by following him on Instagram.

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