Prince Harry ‘a spare’ in his own marriage, is ‘very frightened’ of Meghan Markle, royal expert claims

Royal biographer Angela Levin has called Meghan Markle a “difficult woman,” adding that Prince Harry is “a spare” in his own marriage

Royal biographer Angela Levin called Meghan Markle a “difficult woman” after her Nigeria tour with Prince Harry. Visiting the African nation, Harry and Meghan spoke well of their Archewell Foundation and promoted mental health. They also helped promote the Invictus Games.

Levin has now claimed the Duke is “squashed to pieces” in his marriage. She also claimed that Harry is “a spare” in his own marriage.

“I think when he wrote his book about the spare, he didn’t think that maybe he would be a spare now,” Levin told host Mark Dolan on GB News. “Meghan pushes him, pulls him if she wants to go on, if she’s bored somewhere, as we saw in footage from Africa.”

‘She pulls him away and gives him a look’

Speaking about Meghan’s behaviour in Nigeria, Levin went on to say that Harry is “scared” of his wife and is “pulled about” by her at various events. “She pulls him away and gives him a look and he leaves immediately. He’s obviously scared. I think he’s very frightened of her,” Levin said. “He loves her to pieces. He wants to please her. But she is a very difficult woman and so it’s very hard for him.”

Levin also opened up about the couple’s passion for the Invictus Games, claiming that it is feared Meghan has “taken over” the games. “That was Harry’s, that was his star. That’s what he’d done very well. And Meghan’s taking it over. She gives the speeches and she stands in front of former and army people who are walking, and she walks on and she gives them the marching orders,”Levin said.

“Well, that’s ludicrous because she the last time she did it, she had very, very short shorts on and it was most inappropriate,” she added. Levin also called Meghan a “powerful woman,” adding that she “has to win” at everything she does.

Levin addressed Harry’s statement after the Nigeria trip, where he says he would continue to “meet directly with people supporting our causes and listening in order to bring about solutions, support and positive change”. “It means that this won’t be the first one, I’m going to do lots more with my wife, and we’re going to show that we’re modern, we’re active, we know what we’re doing, and we’re much better than the people in London who are old fashioned,” Levin said.

She added, “King Charles and Prince William know that they’re after gaining too much attention and they need to do something about it because it was not a royal visit. It was two people who no longer working members of the Royal Family, and they could make deals or commit themselves to something that would absolutely be dreadful for the royal family to take, and it can put them in very difficult order.”

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