Prince William’s gesture to Kate Middleton at huge event shows how much he loves her

Prince William and Princess Kate display unmistakable gestures of love towards each other in public, according to a body language expert.

The loved-up pair attended the Welsh Guards St David’s Day Parade for the first time as Prince and Princess of Wales in March last year. Later that same day, they returned to their hometown of Windsor to see the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at Combermere Barracks for the St. David’s Day Parade.

Both seemed in high spirits and appeared to be enjoying their new roles with regard to Wales. But body language expert Darren Stanton also claims the pair make small but unmistakable gestures of love to one another in public, as if to say “I love you.”

Darren said: “William and Kate always appear comfortable in each other’s presence. During the early stages of their marriage, they looked quite disjointed whilst attending public appearances as a brand-new item.

William looks at Kate in a 'certain way' to express his love, a body language expert says
William looks at Kate in a ‘certain way’ to express his love, a body language expert says 
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“Since then, they have definitely grown into their roles as individuals. Like most couples, they have their own little signals between each other, and every now and again, William will look at her in a certain way. This is quite sweet and adoring as if to say I love you.

He continued: “They’re also not afraid to hold hands or share the odd kiss, which proves they are affectionate. In fact, we recently saw Kate tapping William’s backside.” The Princess was caught on camera making a cheeky gesture towards William as they arrived at the 2023 BAFTA awards show.

The expert also observed that Kate showed extra confidence and appeared to be “taking the lead.” Darren continued: “Kate very much tends to take the lead these days. When walking about, you will notice she no longer waits for security to open the door on vehicles and is straight out — with or without William.

“This is not a sign of disrespect or disdain, however, she now realises that she no longer needs to be joined at William’s hip. When they attend events together, William is clearly happy to let her take the lead, which has allowed Kate to develop massively.”

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