FOX’s Colin Cowherd Puts The WNBA On Blast For Their Horrible Decision That Has Set Caitlin Clark Up For Failure (VIDEO) |T

VIDEO: FOX’s Colin Cowherd Puts The WNBA On Blast For Their Horrible Decision That Has Set Caitlin Clark Up For Failure



Colin Cowherd speaking on his showColin Cowherd (Photo via @TheHerd/Twitter)
Colin Cowherd has slammed the WNBA, claiming that the league is not acting in its best interest regarding Caitlin Clark.

Clark has gotten off to a cold start in the pros. Her Indiana Fever have lost their first two games of the season by significant margins (21 and 36). She scored 20 points in her debut game against the Connecticut Sun but could only register nine vs. the New York Liberty on Thursday night.

The Fever are playing the Liberty again on Saturday, with another game against the Sun coming up right after. Cowherd is of the view that the WNBA should have started Caitlin off with an easier schedule.

“They have never had a player either good enough or interesting enough to drive marketing revenue and TV ratings, so that the entire league can fly private. They fly commercial like the rest of us,” he said on ‘The Herd’ on Friday.

“That doesn’t mean there haven’t been good players, very good players, but Caitlin Clark, who’s never played until a week ago in a WNBA game is the first player that appears they’re banking on her and I say banking literally. They’re literally going out of private flight for two years. The money they’re going to spend on that’s more than the WNBA payroll, so they finally have this moment. Don’t put Caitlyn Clark up in the first four games against New York twice and Connecticut twice. The best defensive teams.”

Colin Cowherd Wants The Jim Harbaugh/Caleb Williams Treatment For Caitlin Clark

Colin Cowherd pointed to the NFL, which has scheduled relatively easier matchups for the Los Angeles Chargers and the Chicago Bears to capitalize on the allure of Jim Harbaugh and Caleb Williams.

He also cited soccer stars David Beckham and Lionel Messi as examples, noting that the MLS ensured Beckham’s landing in Los Angeles and has allowed Messi to make an unbelievable amount of money.

“Sometimes you got to make stuff work. David Beckham got to LA, Messi got to Miami. I’m not sure if it was the Illuminati, secret handshakes, smoke filled rooms,” he continued. “Make it work.”

“Get Messi paid. Get Beckham to LA. Get Caitlin Clark an easy schedule.”

While Caitlin Clark is the biggest draw in basketball right now, fans could lose interest in her if she keeps on losing and fails to replicate what made her a star in college.

Of course, the competition in the WNBA should by no means be easier than the NCAA’s, but the league might not be helping itself here.

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