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Gabbie Marshall and BF Spencer Touro Gabbie Marshall and BF Spencer Touro

Gabbie Marshall has ended her college basketball career with some superb performances. Some would say that the Iowa Hawkeyes made it out of the Final Four in 2024 because of their guard drawing a foul with seconds to go. Throughout her career, she has been an asset to the Iowa women’s basketball program.

5 exciting posts that give fans a sneak peek into Gabbie Marshall’s personal life

#5. The love of the siblings

Gabbie Marshall’s Instagram gives a sneak peek into the Iowa star’s personal life, including her love for the siblings. She once posted a heartwarming snap with her three siblings, saying it was an appreciation post for them. She also claimed that her two brothers and a younger sister make it easy to love them.

“It was always instilled in me since I was a little girl how important keeping your family close is in life. My dad always said “I always want my kiddos to be close no matter what”. So this is an appreciation post for the best sibz in the biz. Y’all make me so happy and make it so easy to love you,” Marshall wrote.

#4. Florida weather with the favorites

At the end of her freshman year with the Hawkeyes, Gabbie Marshall decided to take some time off in the summer and headed to Florida. There, she vacationed with her ‘favorite people’ according to her Instagram caption.

“Nothing beats Florida weather with my favorite people,” she wrote.

The snaps included her brother, Noah Marshall, and friend Megan Mayer. They also featured Marshall’s younger sister.

#3. Italian getaway with the Iowa girls

Not just her siblings, Gabbie Marshall also gave a sneak peek into her personal equation with her Iowa teammates. She posted photos of her vacation last summer showing her Italian getaway. The trip included the likes of Caitlin Clark, Jada Gyamfi and Kylie Feuerbach.

“Amalfi Coast x Positano,” she captioned the post.

The carousel showed various sceneries, including the pristine waters and delicious food. It was a good recharge point for the squad that lost the national title to LSU that year.

#2. The Missouri trip

A year before the Italian getaway, Gabbie Marshall took a trip to Lake Viking in Missouri at the end of the 2021-22 season with Gyamfi, Clark, Feuerbach and Sydney Affolter.

“Days like these >>>,” she said about the trip on Instagram.

#1. The love life

Gabbie Marshall has also given a glimpse of her love life through social media. When she completed a year of dating her boyfriend, Spencer Touro, she wrote him a special note on Instagram. She thanked him for making her the happiest girl in the world.

“1 year with the most selfless, loving and hardworking guy I know,” a part of the note read that ended with her affirmation of love.

Touro is also an alumnus of the University of Iowa. The Iowa City resident is a personal trainer by profession.

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