Taylor Swift’s private jet landed in Nashville with less than 72 hours to the start of her tour in Sweden |T

Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Landed in Nashville Less Than 2 Days Before Her Eras Tour in Sweden



The Cruel Summer diva, who is expected to earn $2 billion from this year’s massive list of shows that span the world, has just ended four blockbuster nights in Paris and will next appear in Gothenburg as her massive 57-night run in Europe continues. Taylor Swift’s Private jet, Falcon 7x Landed in Nashville, Tennessee less than 2 days before her Eras tour begins in Sweden. There has been no official reason for it’s arrival in Nashville as most fan claim it brought back her mom from Paris.



It was revealed last month that Taylor flew 178,000 miles on her private plane in 2023. And she has certainly followed pace in 2024, including a wild run from Tokyo to Las Vegas to see boyfriend Travis Kelce’s third Super Bowl victory. Over the next three months, the 34-year-old singing sensation will visit 19 cities on the European leg of the Eras tour, which promises to be grueling.

Taylor’s desire to travel in luxury is understandable, but it comes with a cost. Information from an external consultant on the Eras tour with over 25 years of experience working with some of history’s most famous bands, including U2 and the Rolling Stones.



He specializes in offering high-end travel for his celebrity customers, and as we discovered last month, with both families traveling with her in Europe, a significant portion of her travel budget has been set aside to accommodate everyone. The insider has revealed the cost, which is unsurprisingly high.

According to the source, the cost of landing the jet in Paris was $6,000, with parking costing approximately $5,000 per day. With a 10-day stay in the country’s capital and four additional dates planned in Lyon, having the plane with her for the French portion alone will cost $85,000. “That’s without kerosene, security, or if the plane doesn’t fly in between those days in Paris and Lyon,” explained the industry veteran.



According to the insider, Sweden is “one of the most expensive countries to land and park a private plane.” The landing fee is $8,000, while a parking space is $10,000. Madrid is also not cheap, costing $6,500 to fly in and $7,000 to retain the luxury liner there. According to the source, extra security has been brought in to give Taylor some much-needed breathing room away from the chaos.

Adding up every European city, from Poland to Austria to London and beyond, the source estimates the total cost will easily exceed $5 million. “It’s part of the tour and part of her experience in Europe, and the money is huge so they can afford it,” according to a source. “In my opinion, the costs of fuel, landing fees, parking fees, as well as security and plane maintenance, which in some countries must be done by external private companies at an additional cost, will be massive when traveling and using a private jet.

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