#1 PLAYER Caitlin Clark RESPONDS To OVERRATED Chants With 42 Points!

I cannot stop thinking about the time a bunch of Frat Boys went to one of Caitlin Clark’s games in high school and started chanting “overrated” at her. It backfired so unbelievably hard, I mean, look at how hyped up these Chads and Brads are.

You know that they heard the hype about Caitlin Clark before the game. She was the number one ranked recruit in the country, and they thought, “Hey Ken, yes Ken, what if like we were the six-man today? What if we totally changed the game?

You know that Caitlin Clark girl who pulls up from the logo? What if we chanted ‘overrated’ at her, right? Like that won’t give her any extra motivation that she needs at all.”

One of my favorite parts about this game is the camera work from the camera person. Look at this, Caitlin Clark goes down on offense, gets a bucket, and then immediately it pans back to the Chads and Brads. They got so quiet.

They were so loud at the start of the game chanting “overrated.” Were they silent? And then they’re just stuck there in their Chad and Brad outfits. I really need a 30 for 30 “Where Are They Now?” because you know that they’re all just accountants or they’re in finance, but most likely they’re in tech sales. Meanwhile, Caitlin Clark is the best basketball player in the country.

Eighth grade highlights, logo three. If you thought Caitlin Clark was a problem at Iowa, just wait until you see her eighth grade highlights. You know the girls she was playing against were telling Miss Frizzle about the big game they had this weekend, just for Miss Frizzle to be like, “How’d that game go?” and for them to be like, “I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it, Miss Frizzle.

I don’t want to talk about it. K Clark went behind her back and put me on skates. Is that what you wanted to hear, Miss Frizzle?” She was pulling up from range as an eighth grader. No one’s doing that in college except for Caitlin. Imagine seeing that in eighth grade. It’s like seeing a moving picture for the first time. You’re just like, “What is this sorcery? She has to be a witch. What kind of spells is she casting?”

And it’s not just the range that she had as an eighth grader. She was dropping dimes like the United States Mint. Dropping more dimes than Kadarius Toney, dropping more dimes than an old man with amnesia. Just the thought of how stressful eighth grade can be between the awkward middle school dances and civics class, to just have Caitlin Clark dropping buckets on your ass thrown into the mix sounds so terrible.

If you have yet to see these two little girls try and get Caitlin Clark’s autograph, I promise you it is the most wholesome thing you will see on the internet today. So Kate Martin taps Caitlin Clark and goes, “Hey, these two little girls made signs for you and they want your autograph.”

And Caitlin Clark goes, “Hey, nice signs, but we’re only up 19 with 40 seconds left. I am locked in. I’ve got that Mamba mentality.” Look at Gabby next to Caitlin. She just looks stressed. But these little girls do not quit. They go, “Hey, Caitlin, I know you’ve got that Mamba mentality, but we’ve got that Caitlin Clark in us. You’re a Swifty?

I am too and I am loving 22.” Those shirts are absolutely electric. I might have to pick one up for myself. I don’t know where these little girls are making these shirts but I sure want one. And these little girls did their research. They said, “We’re making signs that are Taylor Swift themed because we know that Caitlin Clark is a Swifty.” That’s going to get her attention and it sure did.

Now postgame, Kate Martin beelines it right to these girls. She said, “I love your signs. I’m giving you my John Hancock.” And finally after all the work, all the dedication, all the tenacity, these little girls finally get Caitlin Clark’s autograph and their days have been made. This is what it’s all about.

My favorite sequence right here is my favorite Caitlin Clark sequence of all time. First off, she’s going to do what Caitlin Clark does and that’s pull up from three and splat right in your face. And then when she’s running back on defense, she’s going to do a little MJ. And no, I’m not talking Michael Jackson. I’m talking Michael Jordan with the shrug.

She’s just running back on defense and she’s going to shrug her shoulders and go, “Um, did I do that?” The referees then give her a technical foul for that and Coach Bluder is not happy about it. But thankfully Caitlin’s going to calm her down. “Listen coach, still up by 17. She’s going to cut this lead to 16 but that’s still a lot of points with only a minute left in the game. And trust me here coach, I’m going to make them pay.”

Look at Caitlin Clark’s face here. It’s the patented Caitlin Clark “Oh, you poke the bear? Oh, you want to poke the bear? Okay, let’s see how this turns out for you.” And then they inbound the ball and Caitlin goes, “Oh, I got ball! That’s my ball! That’s our ball, ain’t it? That’s our ball!” And then they get the ball back and Caitlin goes, “Give me the rock! I want the rock! ‘Cause I’m going to do what Caitlin Clark does!

I’m going to shoot it right in your face! Splat! To end the game! And now I’m going to talk my… Dare you to give me a tech again ref! I double dog dare you! And they didn’t! They were silenced!”

Caitlin Clark is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. Her skill, determination, and sportsmanship make her a standout player in every game she plays. From shutting down detractors with her incredible performance to inspiring young fans with her kindness and dedication, Caitlin Clark is truly a remarkable athlete.

Her journey from high school to college has been filled with unforgettable moments and highlights that showcase her exceptional talent and passion for the game. As she continues to excel on the court and make a positive impact off it, there’s no doubt that Caitlin Clark is destined for greatness in the world of basketball.

Watching her play is not only a thrilling experience but also a reminder of the power of perseverance and hard work. Caitlin Clark is an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere, showing that with determination and dedication, anything is possible.

In conclusion, Caitlin Clark’s impact on the basketball world goes beyond her impressive skills on the court. She embodies sportsmanship, resilience, and compassion, making her a role model for athletes of all ages. As she continues to make waves in the basketball world, there’s no telling how far she can go. One thing is for sure: Caitlin Clark is a name that will be remembered in the world of basketball for years to come.

In summary, Caitlin Clark’s journey from high school to college has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her talent, dedication, and sportsmanship make her a standout player in every game she plays. As she continues to excel on the court and inspire fans with her remarkable skills and kindness, there’s no doubt that Caitlin Clark is destined for greatness in the world of basketball.

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