2024 Olympics – World champion, Dennis Schröder cashes on the Blues: “If Wemby is…

Dennis Schroder and Victor Wembanyama

The group stages of the Paris Olympic Games promise a spectacle from the start, since the French team will face world champion Germany.

Leader of the Mannschaft, Dennis Schröder recently mentioned the case of the Tricolores and more particularly that of Victor Wembanyama.

The task will not be easy for the French team, as it wants to recover after a catastrophic 2023 World Cup.

Not content with having the pressure of the result at home for the Paris Olympics, the Blues also saw the competition arm themselves heavily in preparation for the tournament.

Team USA in particular should bring an XXL squad.

But before thinking about a clash with their American rivals, Vincent Collet’s men will first have to get out of the group stages and for that, they will have to beat Germany, among other things.

Here again, anything but obvious since the Mannschaft are reigning world champions, after an undefeated run in Asia last summer.

Dennis Schröder wary of Wembanyama ahead of Olympics

This feat has obviously given a lot of confidence to Gordon Herbert’s roster and it should generally remain the same for the 2024 Olympics.

The EDF should for its part welcome a certain Victor Wembanyama for the first time in official competition. Recently interviewed by RAN , Dennis Schröder therefore remains suspicious about this addition of weight but nevertheless announces the color:

We have the host in our group. France is a strong team, especially if Wemby is there. In Japan, of course, we did a good job against Japan, but you always have to respect them.

At the end of the day, I want to win every match I play. We did a good job last summer with an 8-0 record.

Of course we know that anything is possible in basketball and as long as you give your all for 40 minutes and play the way you know how, you can undoubtedly beat anyone.

In the front row to witness the exploits of the Spurs nugget this season, Schröder knows the danger that the person represents on both sides of the field.

However, don’t count on the Germans to be too scared by the challenge, especially after their world title.

Especially since their talent pool is also worth a look, the veteran particularly emphasizing the case of Franz Wagner at the Magic:

He is very, very humble and he is a very good boy. To be so professional at such an age and have high goals is remarkable.

He was one of the best national players last year, without him we would not have won the World Cup. He will definitely be one of the best national players for the next ten or fifteen years.

The duel between the French team and Germany during the group stages of the Paris Olympics already promises to be exciting.

Whoever wins will immediately send a big message to the competition and Dennis Schröder knows this very well.

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