Angel Reese Had An Interesting Reaction To Caitlin Clark Losing Her Second Straight National Championship Game, And It Was All Caught On Camera

Caitlin Clark looking sad and Angel Reese with her tongue out.Caitlin Clark Angel Reese (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark failed for the second straight season in the national Title game and Angel Reese appeared to have enjoyed it.

Just about all eyes are on the Iowa vs. South Carolina matchup in the national championship game on Sunday, and that includes LSU Tigers superstar Angel Reese.

Reese, whose team was eliminated by the Hawkeyes in the Elite Eight, took to X during the game to show how upset she was with the officiating early on.

“[I] see how this game is about to go smh,” Reese wrote on Twitter.

Angel Reese then responded to a fan who stated, they were “trying to refrain from tweeting about some of these calls.”

“[I]’ve typed up so many things and just hit delete about 6 times already,” she wrote.

Watching the game, you could a ton of calls from the officials favoring Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes as they got to the free throw line eleven times in the first half, compared to just five times for South Carolina, via

Caitlin Clark had gotten to the six times in the first half. She is so deadly from behind the arc that she was fouled twice while shooting threes.

In the end, the South Carolina Gamecocks proved to be way too much for Iowa and they would go on to win.

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After the game, she and fellow teammate Sania Feagin FaceTimed Angel Reese. Both Reese and Johnson posted a screenshot of the call to their Instagram stories with an abbreviated NSFW caption, “That get back [is] a MF.”

Angel Reese Will Certainly Meet Caitlin Cark Again For Several Years In The WNBA

The careers of Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark came to an end in the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

Both players made waves in 2023 when they went head to head in the National Championship game when the LSU Tigers came out victorious. This year, the Hawkeyes got their revenge with a victory in the Elite 8.

Now they both will be headed to the WNBA where they will face off for many years to come.

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